Talking time travel science?

When talking time travel science?

What do people talk about when they get really really smart? Yes, they talk actual time travel science. Believe it or not. The science of that scientific “looove”, the “love” of knowing everything about anything that could unfold eternal strings. And how do you scientifically control that stuff? You cut infinity down to its minimum centrifugal pieces and reevaluate its missing parts. The ones which constantly ads you minimum mental drag. And you say that if you’re spinning the mechanical clock of time a little faster, then you’re ready to jump deep into that time travel science, so deep and so hard that you’ll actually be ahead your newtonian self act (choice). But that’s just artistic talk.

So, when you do actually think rational about time travel science, before you start discussing it, you need to think that time might not be only a lonely river which flows in relation to infinite outcomes, time is physical, like space, they correlate, and time must share electromagnetic stimulation like its space counterpart. Time also must share free fall events, like gravitational space, strong and weak force quality like space does. And therefore time becomes a complex quantum “wave” science by now, relating constantly to particles of space. The particle and wave relation goes like space and time travel. And if time has electric and magnetic poles, then if you spin or diverge any new time river in spacetime and try back time travel, the general time wave or time vector river will react through magnetism (according to you time energy or time spiraling) and shift all its past-future poles in relation to your actual time traveling event. Therefore all future spin jumps into past choices and all past spin jumps into future choices. And therefore your divergent independent time vector river is constantly facing forward time even if it spins towards the past. You simply make it a much more experienced time spiral. So you can’t physically travel into the past because your physical past jumps into your actual future, and you can only travel closer to the constant future of light. And suddenly time travel science becomes a physical quantum state of interfering waves and interfering particles where waves relates directly to light speed inside a vacuum, therefore the waves providing future energy for past particles.

Eventually the time travel effect does spin my rational thought a lot as it turns out there’s only one quantum outcome in physical nature: if the particle has up spin it’s wave counterpart has down spin and if the particle has down spin it’s wave counterpart has up spin. Always. And when you measure the particle, because you always have to measure it, the measurement produces angular momentum giving you the past side effect or previous spin in quantum spacetime. In quantum science, up spin also means space and down spin also means time or vice versa

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