When sir Lawrence Krauss meets the lovely daughter of the great great Brian Greene in an alternative universe and both travel on a distant alien world to force the highly intelligent aliens to giveaway their unified field theory

When sir Lawrence Krauss meets the lovely daughter of the great great Brian Greene in an alternative universe and both travel on a distant alien world to force the highly intelligent aliens to giveaway their unified field theory:

The story transcends spacetime as it turns out the highly intelligent aliens could manipulate quantum theory at free will and had a functional time machine device like some mobile teleporting quantum beam and both subjects are instantly teleported in a quiet dark place on the alien planet where they can have a great great chat with the alien leading scientific community. And everything goes beautifully and according to their plans as Lawrence Krauss explains later in a parallel universe.

Lawrence: let me do all the talking. I know exactly what to ask

Her: fair enough, but be advised, they are old friends of mine and they know almost everything about spacetime

Aliens: then please ask

Lawrence: ok then. Why are you hiding from us?

Aliens: we’re not hiding from you. However, you are allowed to see us if you can guess our physical appearance

Lawrence: does she know your face?

Aliens: yes, she’s our favorite earth child

Lawrence: then let’s strictly relate our mature speech to highly important scientific questions which concerns humanity

Aliens: you have a theory of nothing

Lawrence: I smile now. I can see your smile too

Aliens: :)

Lawrence: how did you know that?

Aliens: we have a brain reading machine next door, we can read your brain Lawrence

Lawrence: ok. So you know everything I’m going to ask and I can’t see your face unless I guess who you are

Aliens: yes. It’s going to be really fun

Lawrence: if you say so. Ok. Why do we see probability waves everywhere we look in quantum nature rather than definite particles? Why is nature so different at its smallest dimensions of spacetime?

Aliens: apparently quantum nature has its own free will, its own system of choice independent from your Newtonian reality. And that bothers you a lot. Apparently quantum nature is allowed to make a free faster choice in spacetime, past and future, before you’re allowed to make a Newtonian measurement in relative spacetime and it’s doing so by using a higher wave profile, a theory quality not present inside your Newtonian frame of reference but substituted with general relativity. Because a quantum free choice comes only in the form of wave behavior and because a wave is also a small spacetime vibration or distortion, then quantum waves and gravity shares similar control profiles.

Lawrence: and how do I control quantum waves?

Aliens: obviously there’s more spacetime distortion inside a vacuum than general relativity can predict alone. So not only gravity produces its distinct distortion pattern, but also electromagnetism shares a distinct one, and also strong and weak force does that. So apparently you have twice more spacetime distortion inside a vacuum than you can measure with the Higgs field. You should also consider the fact that a quantum wave creates more optical illusion than gravitational tides

Lawrence: you have to be more specific than that

Aliens: well, professor, because you’re such a nice guy and we like you a lot, we’ve decided to give you the whole visual perspective of a unified field theory but you have to promise us you’ll write down the equations for that imaginary experience

Lawrence: that’s a fair trade

Aliens: to answer you shortly, you know relativity, you know the longest beat rate of time, but you haven’t discover yet its shortest beat rate. That’s the second arrow of time also denoted as the shortest relative time limit in spacetime. It’s a minimum elastic property of time if you consider time a physical vector. You can also call it quantum time. You can use such idea to work all the equations of the quantum field in one piece using only the speed of light

Lawrence: I love such simple idea, tell me more of it

Aliens: You know time can be slowed down or accelerated according to gravitational force and you know time can’t reach light speed. But you don’t know what quantum time is. You don’t know it’s sequence and you don’t know how to measure it. But you can predict that the shortest relative time limit in spacetime is a direct energy exchange in between all 4 fundamental forces of the universe using a constant time speed. So quantum time becomes a constant quantum jump or energy transfer event starting with relativity, then jumping directly to electromagnetism, then jumping to strong force, then jumping to weak force, and eventually decaying into nothing, which is your theory. Going forward and backward in time gives you free access to modify the entire structure of spacetime at free will if you gain access to both time arrows. Because gravity can’t influence time dynamics in quantum equations, then time becomes an inverse light speed event in relation to all quantum forces. If in relative nature space overtakes time, then in quantum nature time overtakes space as it turns out time can move freely at light speed while space events freezes in spacetime. So quantum choices are made in time before they are measured in space. That’s the mirror effect or inverse relation which holds a mirror special field of quantum mechanics. If time is elastic in general relativity, then time becomes a constant in quantum mechanics. In quantum mechanics time runs only at light speed. That’s also the discrepancy between the two arrows of time which holds the architecture on which spatial dimensions arises. Therefore quantum waves are tricky stuff because they’re the fastest closing and opening events in spacetime. They collapse faster in time than they collapse in space. You also have to consider that weak force is the minimum resort of memory preservation in spacetime. And there’s a special case of weak force which tells that if weak force is the last field to hold information about relative spacetime, I mean like after it it’s only old Planck, then weak force should not only be stable, but it must also share a given quality of elasticity to hold all incoming quantum waves. So when the waving or vibrating state of spacetime advances towards the minimum closing and opening event which is the weak force, the weak force has to push information back and forward in time and rearrange puzzle waves into particles, particles into atoms, and atoms into relative nature and so on. And so you observe here professor how minimum time elasticity at physical rest behaves. It holds the entire act of quantum mechanics under a minimum relative stress limit equivalent to light speed. Also you have to take in account a mirror optical closing event of spacetime which happens according to an inverse Hubble effect related to vacuum dimension. This way, when you see waves, you actually see the particle’s informational package dispersed according to Hubble inverse law in spacetime. That’s some sort of loop magnification effect or spacetime dilation directly related to weak, strong, and electromagnetic elasticity. So it’s a gravitational event directly related to spacetime closing dimensions and inversely related to spacetime openings. There’s no direct connection between quantum gravity and spacetime density as it turns out quantum gravity magnifies spacetime while keeping its density constant. And you should also consider the fact that a wave behavior of any particle can only store information about the past time of the particle or the future time of the particle because the particle itself defines always the absolute and true present momentum. Therefore a particle and its associated wave can exist both at the same time in spacetime while behaving as one entity. And that brings quantum experiments to a contradictory event. The beauty of one looking at relative nature is that one is allowed to see with naked eyes even the smallest dimensions of waving spacetime. When you think of time, think that time runs relative but it also does quantum jumps, therefore time has one complete mechanical revolution per spin or light speed. So you could say you have one quantum time beat (send and received signal) per second. Also you should consider true that if a second arrow of time do really exist in nature, then when you look back at the Big Bang event then you should also be allowed to see further back in time before the universe existed and maybe study the vacuum fluctuation or vacuum expansion that predates the universe. So now, professor, as we have described you the minimum law of relative time, we ask of you that next time you start counting time events using minimum Planck Olympics try to imagine that time has also a minimum constant passage through all 4 fundamental laws of nature in order to become a full functional relative observer and finally a light speed champion. And you stop relative spacetime only with one condition, and that is to make free quantum time jumps

Lawrence: well, that’s interesting. That’s more than interesting. You leave me speechless

Her: I told you professor, they really know many things

Lawrence: yes you did, and not even Brian Greene saw it coming. Ok, one last question: what happens when you have infinite mass and you get closer and closer to light speed?

Aliens: you mean like when you’re a black hole?

Lawrence: yes

Aliens: in such case minimum time elasticity also apply. There’s a quantum time line in between traveling close to light speed and the speed of light which overturns time on itself to make it a complete functional mechanism. Light speed also means touching the elastic property of weak force which allows you to see time from behind or before it happens in physical nature. And if time is a complete mechanical device then time runs like a mechanical clock. Time has a mechanical tick synchronized between a Planck field and a weak field

Lawrence: so I encounter twice this minimum elasticity of relative time. I observe it first when I measure quantum fields in nature and I also observe it when I travel close to light speed

Aliens: yes. It’s a physical elastic limit of relative motion in spacetime which separates quantum dynamics from Newtonian mechanics and it’s also a general quantum mechanical framework on which general relativity is implemented in spacetime

Lawrence: that’s interesting

Aliens: well, dear professor, we can’t be sure how your parallel reality works, but it’s how our reality imagines us

And so the story tells eventually that sir Lawrence Krauss made it back on earth to study a new minimum momentum theory, a theory which could eventually describe beautifully all quantum and relative motion in perfect harmony and probably give us more time energy than he can ever imagine. Some say he’s done it already, all we know is, big Higgs event is here and it’s getting even bigger!


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