A Newtonian unified field equation? Who can calculate it?

The inverse square unified Newtonian effect in spacetime?

If there is an inverse square geometrical relation between all geometries (energies) of the universe, then why should photons not benefit of such inverse square relation? And the only inverse square relation that a photon could have inside a vacuum is with virtual particles. According to such Newtonian inverse square relation in any relative frame of reference, then the speed of the vacuum becomes the fastest constant speed of the universe but which is of unstable nature. So we have light speed, which is stable, and we have virtual speed, which is unstable. This also means that the random mathematical sequence of the vacuum speed could also apply in theory to a photon because now the photon is constantly related to random particles across spacetime and there could be a small mathematical chance inside the equation of the photon for the photon to meet its antiself and decay instantly, disappear, due to weak mathematical chances which originates within the mechanical fabric of a theoretic multiverse. Apparently then we use multiverse mathematical force to propel our universe. I call that a unified field event. Right? Therefore when energy preservation theory meets infinite mathematics theory, the outcome is that nothing is a certain fact or act of nature, not even a photon.

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