At the speed of light! Finally.

The ship that reaches the edge of light:

If you’re the real physical observer driving an actual spaceship at almost the speed of light, then, as a captain, you’ll report that as you get closer to light limit you’ll observe an increasing physical wall in spacetime, and the faster you’ll accelerate the closer you’ll be to it. Because time eventually stops and all relative motion stops with it, the physical length between matter and light will remain the only thing that appears to move relative to your energy source (supply). Because of gravity, the “wall of light” will appear to be using inverse gravitational distortion meaning that as you decelerate in relation to it you’ll experience intense gravitational tunneling in spacetime and as you accelerate the wall becomes more compact and static, spotting naked Higgs density layers hidden in quantum designs (quantum plates materials), like old rocks revealing the history of earth. So, for the captain, the journey at the speed of light is actually some boring stuff. The conclusion is that even if time stops, your physical perspective remains the one which expands or contracts, making physical dimensions appearing more like flat design, something like a holographic principle. Also, it could be possible that as you get closer to the speed limit, your physical reflection could appear in front of you like a mirror reflexion. Also, because physical motion is reduced to a minimum Planck time, the thickness of spacetime limit wall is equal to Planck length.

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