My personal causality case

A natural causality effect:

If dark matter proves to be stronger than gravity at universal scale, then it should inevitably be also weaker than gravity at quantum scale. Then dark matter becomes a new quantum theory or quantum force which undoubtedly makes its act at a quantum region of spacetime which is smaller than weak force. So it could be that dark matter is first and gravity second or vice versa, but for me the true fact is that both exists in quantum physical nature (both quantum gravity and dark matter) and it doesn’t matter which will be discovered first, for me it matters most that they behave like some quantum tornado fields which appears to form some dimensional winds of spacetime (parallel dimensions) which opens more or less starting with weak force and ending with general relativity (the whole electromagnetic act of physical nature unified under the same quantum frequency (Planck time)). In fact I believe that dark matter and quantum gravity are two different manifestations of the same thing, a thing which also tells me that energy particles can gain quantum steps (Bohr stairway) of Higgs friction force which irradiates them in such way that they gain gravity first and if the force is enough, double the speed of light, then gain even physical mass. So it could be that all energy particles, including photons, can gain physical properties of mass under special conditions, and those are the conditions of dark matter. And that means dark matter is a special field which can only be formed inside the collapsing state of a star or inside black holes. In there all energy, including light, finds the perfect conditions in spacetime to compose multiple pivotal strong relations between their “free” spinning cores which are constantly opposite to particle magnetic spin, and generate higher nucleus entanglements , creating more angular particle spin to define a more complex quantum magnetic clock which measures absolute energy accuracy, the quantum jump effect.

Anyways, if you draw a simple imaginary triangular shape which starts in perfect weak force parameter and continues to strong force, then to electromagnetic curving of spacetime at light speed until it overlaps on itself over and over again to form gravitational tides (canceling magnetic force), then such mathematical triangle should describe lower quantum forces until it hits Planck peak. If you have the mathematical scale between weak-strong-electromagnetic-gravitational link, then you should easily determine the exact quantum loopography at which new lower quantum forces exists in spacetime.

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