The world of momentum: the theory for everything?

The world of momentum: the theory of everything?

Sometimes, for me personally, a new idea, like a theory for everything, for example, starts with two things: a gadget, a toy to play with, and understanding black holes.

So which to start with? Oh yes, and in the end gravity is canceled, because we don’t see it in everyday quantum nature, and we could eventually, maybe, find a solution to uphold all quantum dimensionality in one gravitational hand. Sort of.

So let’s start with black holes first, because there’s flash news around the world that astronomers are preparing to actually see for the first time a black hole in real person. My intuitional beliefs in advance are that black holes must emanate Hawking radiation, as usual, and if so, Hawking radiation turns into dark matter waves (winds) which becomes physical densities in spacetime eventually, as they settle down, and which are produced in equal energy amounts with the stuff that a black hole absorbs or eats. If so, dark matter must become a new type of some sort of negative energy or antimatter which somehow opposes resistance to physical matter through the usage of the Higgs field. Physical evidence suggests that so far. In other words, dark matter illuminates the actual physical chemical shape (volume) of Higgs clouds of gas in real action surrounding spacetime. Gravity must be the “light” which illuminates them. As Higgs filed is illuminated, dark material produces more gravitational energy which should be proportional to black hole eating rate. And that’s a great combustion spark. I mean, If that’s true, wait until we discover the dark matter engine principle. Can you imagine using dark matter particles to harvest the mechanical potential force field of the Higgs cloud which surrounds the entire mass of earth? I mean imagine a power plant which is driven by the mass of the entire planet. How much electricity can such idea produce?

So, if Hawking radiation comes out of a black hole in the form of dark matter, then, close to a black hole, we should observe some very agitated dark matter seas. So, an actual image of a black hole should come out very distorted in gravitational terms because dark matter becomes more “alive” as we get closer and closer to the event horizon where the singularity happens before our eyes. So forget light going around the sun, we might actually see old stars in multiple physical positions per image in the vicinity of a super massive black hole. And that would be similar to quantum super position state. Sort of.

But to see the black hole is one point of view, and to understand the black hole is a radical new theory. To understand it you need to touch it, you need to feel it, and every time I imagine I actually touch a black hole, my mind is strongly disrupted by a singularity feeling which comes in the shape of a monopole magnetic field and which pushes my hand always towards the center of the black hole. So everything that touches the event horizon is magnetically strongly conducted towards the central point of mass. So because magnetism becomes monovalent but electricity stays bivalent (possibly), my intuition leads me to only one physical possible force, and that is quantum entanglement. You see, a magnet or a particle can’t physically become monovalent unless it constantly transfers the bivalency property of magnetism or electricity to a close related partner. So material objects or physical particles can become monopole magnets or monopole electric fields in spacetime only if they “hide” (transfer) one magnetic-electric pole to a different symmetric partner. So as two entangled partners spins, the entire quantum spacetime dynamic range is programed to turn between them (symmetry theory). I’m not sure why, but I believe that black holes becomes unknown quantum “particles” that uses quantum entanglements between them to measure the entire gravitational topology of spacetime in real time. If that is as far as true, then black holes should share two types of inner cores (singularity engines). Cores which spins clockwise and cores which spins anti clockwise. As they are entangled to one another, they run partially independently from the event horizon which proposes symmetry of spin because of gravitational force and Newtonian principles of mechanical motion. The same thing that happens inside protons and neutrons, strong force, must happen in a similar way inside a black hole. That’s why it’s like a particle in some sense. Actually a black hole could hide a quark nucleus, something like a dwarf quark star which is absolutely dense. How stable is the element of a black hole? I have no idea, but it must hold billions of quarks together, making it the heaviest element recordable in spacetime. So maybe it’s a quark star after all. So, as I have this imaginary idea of black holes using quantum entanglement, I inevitably think that quantum entanglement suddenly starts controlling general relativity as the speeding observer reaches the speed of light. And you obviously use time force to achieve that. You see, when you ask yourself “what happens when I reach the speed of light or when I get near a black hole and time stops?” You have to consider that time really doesn’t stop as physical mechanical motion, as a dynamic frequency of spatial measurement, but time is instantly reduced (decayed) to short entanglements only. So, when gravity is canceled, to allow a free quantum conductivity in spacetime, gravity is actually substituted by quantum entanglement because quanta entanglements can control the overall measurement of relative spacetime. You could say that inside a quantum field, instead of gravity you get entanglements. So gravity, as we know it, is not present in quantum theory, but parts of it can be described by quantum entanglement and strong force for sure. Weak force and electromagnetism are still incompatible with gravity. But to prove that strong force is compatible with gravity, we have to imagine that a proton or a neutron is similar to a classical mechanical wheel and that the motion of entangled quarks inside it acts like individual physical weights added to that spinning wheel inside a classical field, creating a spinning classical engine. Protons, neutrons, and any other elementary particles are spinning classical engines which spins inside a vacuum. Because it’s a vacuum, the classical spin ads to quantum spin (angular momentum) which ads to particle energy which eventually becomes equal to particle speed. So strong force suddenly becomes a classical Newtonian principle of producing energy (physical motion of particle velocity). Because it produces mechanical motion inside isolated (individual) engine shells, strong force is a main potential conductor force of magnetism and electricity and all other physical motion in quantum theoretical linear fields.

And now the toy. Lucky me I bought a drone toy. It’s not much, a basic dji drone with gopro, but it does its job good at filming from above. The funny thing is that when you fly your drone and you think of empty spacetime, you realize that if your drone were a particle which travels in zero spacetime or zero gravity, it would only gain physical speed or physical momentum if inner geometry would act like small individual momentum engines (spinning propellers) which synchronizes on axial directions just like my drone. So if the drone is a basic particle, quarks should be its propulsion engines, producing quantum acceleration. This means that angular momentum of particles should be relative to particle speed inside a vacuum, resulting that any fluctuation between quarks also influences the particle speed in real time. So it’s like quantum particles are flying objects which hides their spinning propellers inside them. And that’s the world of absolute momentum, I believe, a world with no gravity and only spatial conductive channels that we call spatial dimensions, a physical reality where things moves freely in flat and highly conductive vector frames of reference according to their inner mechanics and not according to their external interaction. So I believe that a world like quantum chromodynamics is dominated by momentum engines and flat spacetime only, unlike general relativity which is dominated by the curvature of spacetime. If I’m not mistaken, Higgs plus angular momentum should equal physical speed inside a vacuum which is also the overall energy volume.

The idea still remains an open road.

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