What are the theoretical names of spatial dimensions?

What are the theoretical names of spatial dimensions?

When you’re a spacetime enthusiast and you talk of spacetime dimensions, while you put relativity on hold and think of quantum mechanics (uncertainties events), string theory more exactly, how do you physically quantify the 9 or 12 or I don’t know how many dimensions you claim to mathematically have discovered? how do you classify them? I mean, quark describes the mathematical model of dimension 1, electron and photon are class particles of dimension 2, protons and neutrons makes up dimensions 3, and so on? And if so, their physical circumference makes the overall measurement of mechanical momentum per dimension which holds a special “tube” diameter per mathematical level (computation) of energy location in real spacetime? I Am asking this because I really don’t know how deep and exactly are you willing to descend into the quantum frame of reality. I mean, the overall short and special theory is simple, and it tells that you are physically capable of reaching smaller energy location (dimension) as long as you can sustain a physical limit of constant motion between two or more points in spacetime. So, if you imagine two primordial computable pieces of energy which appears to physically touch themselves (physical limit of distance which we generalize as diverse main physical laws of nature) they actually can’t exist both at the same time, because in reality there’s only one frame of true energy reference moving constantly inside a vacuum. So, it’s one unit only, a special unit of minimum energy which appears to be in one place or the other but never in both, because both means a “man” which lives at the same time into the future and into the past and he’s a time machine theory. And that’s the starting of quantum theory, string theory, special relativity, and name many more exact sciences. General relativity not included. But remember that gravity must also be a “special” burning event, it must be defined as a special event horizon which is constantly producing gravity (zero g motion gas), find the constant of graviton formation, so physical mass reaches a specific density collapse rate which tells that it will constantly produce new graviton type particles due to Higgs maximum absorption rate. I am really not sure what this means. In such case, a black hole should have, I think, a physical event horizon which emanates “free” (heavy) gravitons or what we call dark matter. So it is highly possible that Hawking radiation could be dark matter. And if so, dark matter forms the missing constant of general relativity which unifies it with all exact quantum sciences by unifying black holes with weak force. So gravity might be a constant event of physical mass, but it could also be an unstable event running independently from physical mass. So mass and dark matter never binds, they never form physical-mechanical-chemical bonds in nature. That’s why it constantly falls through us and we can’t feel its presence in spacetime. And that’s how you advance to dwarf star science only. That’s how I think right now. Again my imaginarium compass of ideas have shifted and I have gained new and maybe better logical reference of physical events in nature.

So, because time travel event is impossible (locked) because of zero motion or preserved motion in spacetime (quantum uncertainty or gravitational radiation theory), that’s the reason why you can gain physical motion. Because you simply exist in a different new state always while leaving behind volumes empty space (energy of nothing). And this energy only pushes you upward in all directions, meaning that traveling back in time means canceling dark energy which is impossible in order to reproduce smaller geometry. Physical motion in spacetime opposes time travel theories. For me this stuff becomes more of a physical fact. Because time travel events are forbidden by quantum and relative nature altogether, that’s also the reason why waves can’t be only waves, as they should also be partial particles, particles which moves continuously through spacetime event creating the event itself. So physical motion is the waving of shifting events (time), while spatial dimensions are always debated through the usage of physical particles only. That’s why my idea of general centralization of mathematical dimensions in spacetime starts with particles and stays there.

So space is space when you measure a particle and time is time when you observe a wave function of some sort. So a quantum wave is the equivalent of relative time and a quantum particle is the equivalent of relative space. Because space and time are inseparable in relativity, they share the same property in quantum spacetime. And that makes more sense now.

Because particles and waves are like space and time, string theory is available only if a string is also a counter particle event inside a vacuum.

Also remember that constant dimensions are always finite while adjustable dimensions are always infinite. We had a beginning of everything because infinity can only be used as a bigger geometric relation (frame of reference) to our physical reality. So, in theory, we have a limited Mathematical dimensional framework relative to physical particle diversity and an infinite potential “string” theory of physical solid objects. To revise string theory you simply have to say that physical dimensions have infinite mathematical potential only if such potential expands exponentially in all directions of spacetime and never return to their computational source signal. End of story.

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