Quantum tornados

The minimum spin equivalence in spacetime:

First you start with the idea of angular momentum of a tornado. If the angular momentum remains a constant but the “tunnel” of the tornado gets smaller, then the tornado becomes more powerful. At one moment in spacetime the angular momentum will reach a maximum density per volume and it will increase no more. In quantum spacetime we have an opposite minimum constant angular momentum which comes in equal pairs for up and down spin. So it doesn’t matter what sort of physical measurement you conduct, the result will always be the same. Say you have uncertain spin, and once you measure it turns out to be up, then the previous spin was for certain down spin and vice versa. So every time you conduct a quantum measurement you observe the opposite spin and not the actual spin. An uncertain spin means a particle behaves like a moving tornado. So particles constantly jump from up state to down state using some unknown minimum measurement. To determine such jump state we need to look forward into quantum entanglement property. And quantum entanglement tells us that up-down jump property remains connected to the smallest subdivision of spacetime which is Planck dimension. Using Planck time only, particles becomes entangled regardless of physical distance. So the spin property should jump at Planck time only, maybe.

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