Red dragon

My personal red dragon:

Some time ago I had a dream. I had the feeling of a movie set, something not real. I was walking on a dark road and I was watching some dark hills. So, no houses, no colors, barely seeing things, things which apparently were familiar stuff. Suddenly I look at the sky and a great rainbow of fireworks lights up everything. And fireworks becomes just like that a living dragon. I mean, a second ago there were billions of chaotic lights and now they are synchronized and appears to form a living strange dragon shape. Why a dragon? Why fireworks? Why that particular dream? I had no idea at that time of how to describe my inner creative mind. But it’s like you see things differently with time. You simply let time passes by, you do nothing, and you observe differently. So now I do realize that such creative mind reflection, call it imagination, only tries to reproduce the special observer case. My red dragon was exactly how my personal mind was imagining a journey at the limit of electromagnetic force. Strange thing, right? Just imagine: the surrounding stuff can’t be illuminated because you travel at the speed of light and you are actually reduced to Planck silence or Planck chain reaction event. Such special Planck event is the first quantum act which defines your physical presence in spacetime (quantum sparking) and it is also the thing you name “my personal past self” when you look into the mirror. So I was seeing a living quantum entity drifting through spacetime like a flashy chameleon made of billion mirrors effect and forming physical image at the speed of light while describing my inner quantum mechanical state of mind in great detail. Maybe it’s dinosaurs the reason why I had a personal red dragon. Maybe it’s Darwinian evolution.

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