The catching from behind event

The catching from behind theory:

When you reach light speed, then what happens? Prestigious scientists will tell you that space and time stops. And they simply just stop? Well, the consequence in time is that you catch yourself from behind. Spacetime bends absolutely and you are allowed to see your past reflection standing still. Right? So, if that is the case, which of the accepted theories reacts as your physical absolute past? Quantum theory or relativity? I think it’s quantum theory, because quantum happens first in spacetime, it defines the instant effect of physical motion. So, when relativity stops, quantum thermodynamics forms a constant of motion, and when you look at yourself from behind, you actually see Planck energy, the act of vacuum energy alone. If a singularity or a black hole proves to be afterall a monopole magnet, the only one in nature, describing a singularity physical force event, then even quantum uncertainty fails to apply in the vicinity of a black hole as black holes proposes only deterministic ideas. This means that Planck energy must be an exponential mathematical field of virtual forces which can be contained and measured. At least in theory.

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