The long lost Egyptian walk

The long lost Egyptian walk:

To build a pyramid you need first to position it, align it with the sky and earth. And how do you align a huge piece of architecture with the event horizon of earth? Not from its vicinity. That’s a true fact.

So you need a long walk, a distance walk actually, far away into perspective, where you can build your observational tower and use a simple counterweight suspended coper ball to measure the vertical line which intersects with the horizon at any requested angular spin. And that distant place is the only way you can easily measure a great geometric alignment. Next you use a more complex observational tool which is made of a middle suspended coper ball on a vertical wire which is framed into a suspended triangle which has two wire edges and one or more basic horizontal coper lines which holds small mathematical subdivisions. This way you have a deep perspective triangle which can simply set the infrastructure of the entire pyramid. What you need next is a lot of relaxation and observation activity and you need someone to send messages up into distance to coordinate people which maps your distant physical territory of the actual pyramid. I imagine the architect sitting in its perspective tower and in between him and the place where he wants to build the pyramid I see a lot of people simply repeating his words, words which eventually reach into distance and the distant people moves the basic building blocks as he suggests by carefully looking through some fine suspended wires which becomes huge physical perspective geometry of earth.

So we are talking here about a possibility that ancient pyramids and temples used the first send and received mathematical encrypted codes in human history. Written mathematical messages might have been needed to align and build all great temples around the world. The idea is that if you go far enough to project your temple, you are able to map under the same measuring tool also the up star map and place your temple to mirror the math of stars. The middle triangulation of the great pyramid could be a hint that it was measured from a great distance first and it was designed top to bottom using only triangular tools.

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