Does the subdivision of spacetime depend on the angular momentum of quantum uncertainty?

Does the subdivision of spacetime depend on the angular momentum of quantum uncertainty?

Quantum angular interference geometry?

When quantum up-down spin is unmeasurable (Bohr-Einstein paradox) it means that particles and waves, describing two parallel channel transmission (two dimensional way of one dimension compression), are only allowed to flow in spacetime using the same angular frequency (geometry) forming a 360 degree angular energy coverup of physical spacerime in all directions which triggers a singular open quantum vectorial channel. When quantum up-down spin is measurable (measurement is allowed only in two way frequency) and splits spacetime in half (quantum entanglement), then it means that waves and particles flows in two ways using 180 degree convergence geometry. This means that particles can collide with waves using opposite vectorial forces or similar channeling transmission. Also quantum entanglement splits in two way Casimir diametral push (vectorial diameter) which influences directly the measurement in real time as long as virtual energy allows such special measurement. When quantum up-down spin decomposes in further exponential angular geometry, particles and wave channellings are opened to 90 degree angular energy only, allowing 4 ways particle-wave interactions or interference pattern which generates in return more accurate, complex, and measurable stable geometry which forms more complex quantum forces. If 90 degree angular energy is associated to weak force, then weak force has 4 basic energy pairs (interferences) in two dimensional spacetime. Spilt energy in half again and you end up with a much stronger force (strong force) which works in 45 degree angular geometry and which has 8 opened channels in two dimensional geometry of spacetime. Electromagnetism must have 16 open interference channels and so on, resulting that the geometry of spacetime becomes more complex and more stable with the exponential multiplication of parallel quantum dimensions or quantum opposite vectorial “needles”.

If so, then gravity (general relativity) becomes a new constant entangled speed of the universe which translates in quantum angular dynamics like (something) multiplied with square the energy of relative spacetime. That something could be the frequency of moving future unstable quantum blocks of information holding the key to our evolution.

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