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Harder thinking experience:

Spacetime subdivides in generally as special dimensions theories which are: general relativity, special relativity, and quantum theory.

We know exactly what general and special relativity explains, but we are uncertain of how to implement quantum dynamics into them. So, say spacetime general wave dimension runs at light speed, at the same time the shortest constant quantum dimension runs at Planck speed, and Planck speed is a special field of quantum constant interaction, a field which collides general universal (gravitational) physical “frame per frame dimension networks” to generate string basic bivalent quantum up down magnetic position which can be stimulated only with strong electron network waves frequencies to shift its position, and by its entangled position meaning the energy of the entire universe at constant rest. And this means that quantum entanglement is a physical consequence of Hubble law and an increasing field of dark deep field energy which is constantly expanding and constantly gaining new constant speed, the speed of general relativity, gravitational zero push force of the entire spacetime constant dilation (boiling gravitational stress force). So all gravitational Physical frames (quantum communicating packages) of physical reality starts with entanglement length. And Planck speed is absolute past and light speed is absolute future. In between you can use bipolar differential measurements that are one spin entanglement length (2d height), to render physical reality and general relativity. If the fixed or rest quantum geometry runs at 360 degree energy (uncertainty state or singular dimensional spacetime) and 180 degree energy ( quantum entanglement or two dimensional spacetime) , then it should release some theoretic “quantum” Bohr ring string mechanics which should work based on exponential math and physical inflation force, which projects special quantum dimensions starters by braking the geometry only in half angular momentum. This means that quantum wave-particle interferences starts at 90 degree angular energy of quantum entanglement (quantum general momentum) and continue further smaller physical dimensions in 45 degree angular energy and so on, counterbalancing at the second edge (magnet) of time (more exactly future time) Planck momentum, by obviously dictating physical particle dimensions and with that a physical negative limit of distance per inner geometry which sets all further physical rules starting with mass, or 99,9% distance per distance. And this means that general relativity becomes a physical spacetime illusion (distortion) of negative energy, the measurement which opposes the measurement at constant rest (singular dimensional perspective), call it a Newtonian state of physical flotation experience, in which Newton actually sees and tests some wood blocks to see how mathematics naturally opposes regardless of their complexity, complexity which accumulates like Casimir vacuum events (synchronized energy). And you are only left with uncertainty principle, which by now becomes a basic gravitational problem of math by calculating spacetime errors. This also means that one virtual unit (positive more possible than negative) is twice the frequency of the other (twice as heavy) and you need some fine Planck inflation (expensive) device to measure what discrete signal has half distance per physical emission. But to do that, you need first to capture one virtual unit per particle energy. And guess what, in order to capture it, you need to freeze it, and you can only do that with a weak vacuum spanking act by using the strong counterpart of energy which is relative energy. So the virtual particle which you can only study is the weak form (by strong repetition) and you will never ever achieve (contain) strong vacuum energy form (singularity holes). That’s why magnetism stays magnetism and electricity becomes its conductor force only.

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