Quantum angular energy

Quantum angular geometry:

I am not really sure how physical and mathematical equations describes the dynamics of quantum spacetime and its angular momentum stuff, but I can try to imagine to describe such mechanics theoretically using only basic geometry.

So, I imagine that up and down spin property holds a theoretic 360 degree or 180 degree opening and closing angular effect in 3d space. If up and down properties are two distinct proprieties (distinct magnetic dots), then there’s a two step quantum variation of fixed energy points, one at 180 degree and one at 360 degrees. For instance, two entangled particles will share less angular energy (180 degrees) than one uncertain spin particle (360). If angular geometry is reduced at the quantum level only to two opposite directions and one physical vector, pointing one directional physical dimension, then you need half of entanglement momentum to obtain particle-wave interference (a third functional dimension). So particle-wave interference is based on particle-wave angular orientation (up spin is wave type and down spin is particle type or vice versa), resulting particle-wave interference is allowed to spin spacetime in all possible directions to achieve physical finesse. Because particles and waves runs on parallel vector forces, once they converge as an interference signal working at the physical boundaries between 2d and 3d spacetime, then they will forever form the general construct of reality. Because reality is a fine piece of mechanics, particle-wave angular geometry can be reduced exponentially and generate more spatial dimensions. Because quantum uncertainty describes one particular direction in spacetime and one physical dimension, and quantum entanglement describes the science of 2d spacetime, then we can conclude that the first two dimensions of spacetime were emitted inside a vacuum as two regular basis: particle type and wave type. And their convergence gives rise to 3d spacetime while their structure defines a unified field dimension. And that is energy expressed in two different ways.

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