what science can offer?

we know what religion predicts to offer after death, which is only a childish theory, but what can science offer us? what can we humanly achieve with science? well, the answer is simple and radical. In religion, you imagine a god which has all the power. In science, the only way to come up with a similar approach is to imagine that the universe is a brain based on pure math. So science is about living mathematics as living entity, and we all know that from a mathematical perspective, we, like all the other living things, are viewed and processed as an equation. The fact is that if the equation proves wrong, we are to be erased forever and keep on a quarantine because we are an error, but if the equation proves to be good, and it can evolve into a bigger and much complex structure, we will be imprinted in the quantum field forever, and used by quantum mechanics over and over again, as parallel worlds theory, to design multiple universes which can sustain the building block of much bigger and complex things.

what i have realized while developing this blog is that the living math of, say, nothing, is not built on singular test waves or complete test waves of alternative solution, but instead it is built on steps of space-time based on the vacuum constant. Building in step sets is a much more efficient technique in time rather than complete sets. And here is why: imagine that we give a total value of time to the universe, which is a complete set. Say we use 20 billion years. To test the complete set as a functional equation which can inflate into much bigger space and not collapse, we have to wait 20 billion years, or less, depending on its possible rate of collapse. Instead of a complete set, a step set equation predicts the first universe as the time between big bang and Planck length. So imagine that from our perspective of absorbing time energy, in one second you can test 10^44 different equations. Then the second step set universe happens between Planck time and one second, resulting that each second that passes inside the “nothing” equals a plausible test. Then as energy-mass distribution is calculated and quantified perfectly, it starts step 3 which is the world in which we live. If the step set universe is true, then our universe should have a constant maximum time potential energy equal to 10^44 seconds. This means that it is not necessary to last this time, but the idea is that if we, and other living things like us, can evolve so much that they can influence the equation of space-time, then our universe will become perfect and last 10^44 seconds. So the idea is, can we become gods enough to prove we can design a perfect world and remain a vacuum field that repeats over and over again?

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