the power of brains

there is a huge debate when trying to identify what are the most powerful capabilities or properties of the human brain. Some would say it has divine connections, some would say it can reproduce nature, others would say it can understand everything or not. But in reality, the true power of the brain lies in biology, in the power of cellular reproduction. Similar to cellular reproduction, a human brain has the capacity to specifically design a map of behavioral agents based on memory process (we call that map autopilot) and it can reproduce the behavior as a virtual projection in space-time to predict its future evolution based on the plasticity of such defining behavioral agents. So your thinking of your life including future dreams and achievements is packed in the plasticity of behavioral agents or intellectual viruses. So you could say that the alternatives to your future or to your fate are relative to the elasticity of the main agents which composes your personality. Such science, derived from cellular life, must also work and apply to physical space-time or science, resulting that the choices of the future are relative to quantum plasticity which is highly active or boiling when measuring brain activity, which is linked to neurons, which are linked to cellular life, which is linked to DNA formation which is linked to genes, which are linked to atoms which are linked to quantum space.

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