what you don’t know

what you don’t know, regardless of your professional background, is the importance of discrete space-time measurements when you focus your creativity towards the mechanics of the universe; and here is why:

as a general background of mechanical engineering, the universe works like a computer, but many mistaken this idea and quantify it as a classical computer, while in reality, the universe is more like a biological computer. So, the computational design in space-time has a general architecture inspired from biology, and there are two ways of computing information, as individual cellular design, or as modular cellular design. The theory of everything, as i have pointed many times on this blog, must be a theory that reduces everything to a general field which shares symmetry, while diversity means tuning the state of measurement. For example, quantum particles and atoms works very similar to biological cells. They have a shell which acts as the receptor or detector of external movement or vibration, also compared with computer processors, and they have an internal structure which has enough power to store and modify the data received. The difference between regular cells and quantum particles/atoms, is the mechanical complexity of each component. Cells have a complex shell, made up of diverse components and doing diverse tasks, while atoms have a simple shell, made up of electrons computing a singular task. This discrepancy of complexity also makes their computation slightly different, but with similar results. Also quantum particles like electron have a strong field which takes the role of a cellular shell or computational brain, detecting any field that the particle comes in contact with. To better understand the importance of strong interaction, if you imagine the whole universe as a car, driving on the road, strong interaction represents the suspension system; identical to a car, the universe feels everything through strong interaction and therefore is able to compute its framework through the principle that every atom is constantly linked to another atom or particle, resulting a general field defined as space-time which senses everything regardless of speed limit. Where there is an error or disconnection in space-time, that makes a hole which can’t be calculated and is defined as a singularity. This means that a singularity is not influenced by space-time and it can build its own space and time, independent from relativity, but using the same constant measurement of energy. For example, if you were to fall inside a singularity which requires one second to get out, one second would turn for you in a reverse Planck field, resulting 1.616×10^35 seconds resulting you would experience the entire lifetime of the relative universe in just one second which equals the speed of light. Then there is a much greater difference of complexity between the inner biology of a cell and the inner structure of a quantum particle or atom, but the most important thing is that cells have strings of DNA which makes up the heart of biology, while quantum particles are predicted to contain vibrating quantum strings which composes reality. But just like the structure of DNA, there is more than we can imagine about the so called vibrating strings, and here is why:

first of all, new study in biology suggests that the DNA inside cells is both a hard drive and a decision making tool meaning that together with the external receptors builds up a primitive brain like entity or computer. This means that our entire memory of the body is encoded in specific DNA strings which builds individual organs, brain memory being recorded inside the DNA of brain cells, bone memory being recorded inside the DNA of bone cells, and so on. This tells us that the most important difference between diverse organs of the body is given by gene mutations per second. Each organ has a harmonic activity based on the speed and number of active gene mutations per time frame. The brain is the main and most important organ because the DNA inside its cellular structure is like a boiling vacuum of energy, the cells of the brain have the highest rate of gene mutation and permutation per second and the highest number of active genes. So you can associate brain genes as some chain nuclear explosions, unlike the rest of the body which has few and rare gene explosions relative to age. Just like DNA, the quantum strings of reality which composes the inner architecture of quantum particles must have a similar design and must be made of smaller clusters of matter which are quantum genes. Those quantum genes must be mediated by strong interaction designing a frame of energy which can use weak interaction to move in diverse combinations and design diverse nucleus of diverse particles. In theory, they are strings, in practice, they are smaller quantum fields controlled by quantum uncertainty. If you try to imagine how complex such inner structures can be, imagine that there are particles inside smaller particles, way below quarks, from 10^-19 m to 10^-35 m until hitting the bottom of the vacuum. This could be a blow to string theory, just as once light was believed to be only a wave, and not both, a particle and a wave. What can i say, history always repeats itself. And this is just the start, now, let’s get to the most important thing of the article, what you don’t know of discrete measurements:

we know the universe had a start, but we are not sure if it was smaller than a single Planck length, so it is best to start with what we know. Now, imagine we start the measurement of space-time from the point when the universe was a single Planck length and was accounting time one Planck time unit at a time. By the time the universe got to one second, the energy of the quantum space was something similar to space-time conversion as 1.616×10^35 relative seconds. So you have to imagine the huge elasticity of time if you were a quantum observer living in such primordial state of the universe. From our relative perspective, there was only a second, but from the inside out, each second that passes for us, has a huge power of computation based on quantum discrete measurement. So you can view the first second of creation as a previous quantum universe which now hides an active big bang geometry inside each quantum particle. This also explains the boiling of space-time as a speeding vacuum in all directions that measured c^2 when the universe was one second old. From here comes the difference which is accounted as inflation. If string theory is to be correct, then all quantum particles must be made of photons at the bottom of their structure. This tells that there must be an absolute measurement of strong interaction at which a captured photon can vibrate to start producing mass, and my money goes on dark matter. Also the equation of energy and mass points out that all matter is made up of light, which in term is energy. And that is beautiful, because it shines a very important mathematical light in the computational structure of the universe. First of all, it tells that any piece of matter and energy has a constant power of computation equal to a big bang that is one second old, and second, the universe is using the most efficient way of producing perfect equations to sustain reality. Instead of using an infinite field of evolution, the universe is using gradual evolution based on a constant measurement of space-time. Take for example the first second of creation. From our relative perspective, we would wait one second, or two, or three, until the big bang would find the perfect combination to sustain life, instead of trying alternative universes for an infinite time with infinite parallel manifestations. This way it saves a lot of time in producing a mathematical set of “first seconds”. This would propose a visual perspective of the big bang in which we would see a chain reaction of explosions which would go one per second, and we would observe space-time expanding and contracting using the speed of light inside a vacuum. This view of creation would equal to a searching field of absolute math. In fact this is what we will observe when we will have the tech to see the mathematical set of “first seconds” and we will be able to observe which was the lucky second based on the topology and the spatial position between the first second and the followed vacuum wave of “first seconds” which multiplied at the speed of light starting with the first second. Now we find ourselves trapped in a second state of evolution, in which math based on energy is searching for a second wave to find the most efficient solution of computation and then copy or clone it to use it for the next building block of life. So, our relative universe might prove a success or it might prove an error, and if it is an error, everything will collapse, except the first seconds of creation, which computes the building block of quantum life, resulting that the universe will always start from one second old, as it has already consolidated that level. If our relative world proves a success, it will forever remain a living cellular structure in the design of greater things, meaning that we have imagined the multiverse before it will be created. So how cool are we, as imaginary beings? Well if this wonderful theory called “what you don’t know” is true, then our relative universe must stop its clock at exactly 1.616×10^44 second, and measure a maximum length of 5.4×10^53 meters. Beyond that, if we do our job, it will start a quantum version of us like a multiverse which will unlock all our possible combinations.

at the end, we have to finish the start of a theory of everything by saying that we must have 4 states of space-time if space-time works like a substance, and there must be 4 independent fields which should unify only under special rules. Let’s start with the fields:

we know of two independent fields, relativity and quantum mechanics, but there must be another two, each one representing a universal law as the dominant force; we have gravity as the dominant force in relativity, we have electromagnetism as the dominant force in quantum mechanics, and we must have strong force as the dominant force in a new field described as dark matter, and we have weak force as the dominant force describing the field of virtual particles which predates quantum mechanics. The special rules are yet a mystery to me. Then there is space-time which is a general geometry that applies to any substance, and it has 4 states: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. And WOW, i feel so good after writing this. It is a great relief.

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