In a way, space exploration with no power and control over space is useless in time. We need to discover a way of viewing dark matter so we can see in deep space in real time and know exactly where and why to go. And that would mean basically to “decompress” the spaceship into a sound wave and travel at unlimited speed everywhere. In essence, Einstein theory proves that time is an optical illusion and with no gravity you have no time, so instead of freezing, you end up with infinite motion. We have the illusion that everything is going forward because the effect of time. In reality we are going backwards, like throwing your body deep into a swamp and go deeper. That’s why it’s impossible for a material object to reach the speed of light, because you end up with more gravity force released on you by the swamp and your source of energy will never be enough. The idea is to make the body weightless, it means that the key of cosmic travel is not going faster, but going on 0 gravity and in no space. In principle, time is a force field that is keeping a huge space together as a fluid. That’s why I said previously that time is a dual force field. One is acting from inside and the other from outside. We are going backwards because we do not see and understand the “infinite” part of the theory. The problem with the concept of infinity is that we picture it as starting from nothing. But in reality that’s wrong, infinity does not starts with nothing or something, it starts backward from our point of perspective, it starts with everything. So in terms of time, you don’t have a beginning, you have an ultimate future which is generating an infinite beginnings. So our reality is a play in reverse of the infinite thing, the universe is a “finger” of the ultimate being that is fully aware and conscious about all the cells inside the body. We are a sequence of infinite DNA that is made of universes and we all reach a point in space and time that will connect us with the ultimate design of conscience and manifestation. Let me put it this way: when your brain is learning an action, your body needs a lot of training to synchronize with the brain, but when you sleep and you are dreaming, the brain don’t need training, it reproduce virtually through a holographic “you” the movements perfectly. That’s why you know how to do everything perfectly inside your mind and you can’t describe why. The principle of pure design is a “processor” that can project a virtual world. That’s why design=consciousness, and time defines the speed of creation. Because time is limited into past actions by the speed of light, information that is going faster, is the world of everything. We are receiving through imagination children stories that make up the world of distant tomorrow. Because they are actually the reverse sounds of a fluid backward arrow of time, they also describe our future. Everyone can see his future, but this mean to record on a paper all your dreams and learn to read them in reverse. There are also “divine” key frames that can help you put together your life, the premonitions. Those dreams that describe an future action with a very good accuracy are the links with real life. You just have to note down what dreams you had after a premonition occurred and then associate it with the exact day that premonition happened. Then you just read the dreams that followed in reverse and see what awaits you. There is also a more complex puzzle than a simple road to follow. You will discover that dreams give you roads to choose in life. And to make the reverse translation more hard, some special objects are related to some special places to make your mind follow the natural design of all ideas in life. Is just like discovering a biological break through by observing a natural behavior of stars. So to put things in reverse and understand why, inside our mind, we can create an instant object that is a clone to the original, we have to understand that infinity comes with the complete side of the idea. First you have the complete and functional car, then you have the industrial process described, and in the end you have the sketch concept. So you have to understand that all the ideas are spread through time, just like a bunch of pictures thrown on a table, and time comes with 2 arrows intersecting at the middle of it. As a material human being, you can see the idea through the arrow of your reality but you can also dream of the final shape. That’s why we design everything. The brain is a biological time machine that needs the right radio wave to see and create. And we end up with the reason of time. The infinity is a static multidimensional space, time is just an “observer” of the relative environment and through motion it gives you the illusion of “living”. In a true artistic sense of perceiving life, we all exist at the same place, but not on the same time. So once again religion might be right when it say that we live forever, it all depends on the observer’s brain complexity. Making billions of observers inside billions of universes makes observation become just a larger scale brain, larger than our universe. The reason of intelligence is that when you die, you wake up as one…

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