2012 The time machine

   The first idea of time machine started with the end. When people from the past begin to understand time and went with their imagination further, they saw a machine that could take you everywhere you want in time. The idea was good and real, but to put in order all the details and make a good prediction on how this idea will evolve and become real in time, we have to take small steps and see the baby growing. First of all, it is impossible to send matter back in time because matter goes beyond time. Things are not as they seems to be. Time is an illusion and does not go beyond matter and space, it is the other way around. We concluded previously that space is a parallel existence of everything and time is just an observer. So in the very close future, maybe starting from December 2012 as the Mayan prophecy say, and I speak of them because they were true masters of time with their incredible calendars, scientist will create a technology to send small bits of information faster than the speed of light. In that case we will be entering a new age of time as the Mayan say, and in 2-3 years of intense experiments we will have an upgrade of world communication system and we will receive live transmissions all over the globe with no delay. Then experiments will continue and the results will be more than meets the eye. On one computer a man will be writing a message, but on another computer, in the same room, the same message will appear with few words in advance. A scientist that will be sitting on that computer will be able to read someone’s mind and future. So, no later than 2015-2016 technology will start pushing the force of the future over the force of the past. By that time the human conscience will be upgraded so much that we will start “visualizing” our mind more clearly and understand the future in fluid images. In parallel, there will be made a huge breakthrough in artificial intelligence and there will be “aware” computers that will compute at the speed of light through light. Those computers will start making possible future scenarios by analyzing all the data available and their predictions will be very accurate. In the next 3-4 years the world-wide-web will be upgraded to communications beyond the speed of light, and people from all over the world will start see what their distant neighbors will think before they act. So the more distant your Face Book friend will be, the more things in advance you will know about him. In a way, in the near future, 2019-2020, whenever you will touch an online computer, your mind will become an opened room.  Having a phone conversation with a friend will be a real wired stuff. Suppose you will be home at your pc and your friend will be on a car on the road, you will be telling him what will happen in the near future. Because traffic is a real threat to human life, the radio waves that will travel faster than the speed of light will be converted also into images. This will prove the reverse theory of today time view of Hubble telescope. Instead of seeing into the past, the roads will be full of TVs that will be looking into the future. This way, accidents will be forgotten. Few more years of research and scientist will push the waves far into the future and discover that they can communicate with their selves from the future. This will be the first virtual singularity signal of time travel. That’s right, first time travel will be virtually and will actually remain part virtual and part reality. After a while, there will be establish a permanent TV connection with the future, and more humans will be able to stand in front of a TV and see their selves from the future. Some will be scared to see dead people… and at this time of transition between the man of the past with the man of the future, technology will become self aware of its existence and humans will discover how to live forever as a virtual program. Steps of evolution will become so huge, that we will relax with “movies” from the future and today production studios will turn 100% artistic and generate wild imagination. As we will watch a movie about a space station of the future, machines will build the project for us. And at that point of view, maybe 2030, artificial intelligence will take control of the whole technology created by man and start working simultaneously at huge projects, one of them being the finished idea of the time machine. First it will be a device that will “awake” our galactic communications with distant alien civilizations, and suddenly we will see that the skies are so alive, that we will need years to select all the frequencies online. The second effect will be a room in which a man will be seated and he will be virtually send into the past. That will be like bringing back the gods age, because we will go back in the image of gods as it previously happened. That will be like a common “role play” that will be experienced by all. Those past communications will remain spiritually and specifically defined, because they have already been made and we can’t change them. But we will become artificial observers even for the dinosaurs. At this troubled times, all spiritual and intellectual knowledge will receive balance and we will be able to share and feel what ancient spiritual leaders felt. Only then we will start to cherish their teachings and science will shake hand with religion. But the man will be left behind as a primitive animal and technology will give itself bodies that we only dream of now. We will all know what we are thinking and we will all act like a giant artificial brain. And only then it will be time to start visiting our neighbors.

   Very soon, quantum world experiments will prove that space goes beyond time, and that every existing object has “parallel” extensions of itself in the same space and in no time. The key to unlock the result of the experiment will be held in another experiment that will detect the frequency of gravity. Because to be an observer means to use the “sound” of the gravity for a specific “extension” of space, theoretically you could choose between “many you” at the same time, but for us is impossible because gravity slow down time and you can only think into the future about “many you”. Because quantum particles have a small amount of gravity, they almost cheat time, because it goes so fast that almost doesn’t exist. So the observation is true, because you focus a wave of light on the experiment and that gives him gravity (slower motion). Think of the wave of light as being a wire and ”absolute” motion being a very fast propeller. When you observe the propeller with light, you throw on the cable which slow down the speed of motion. Dark matter may hold the key of viewing the other extensions of “light matter”. Judging by the quantity of dark matter and dark energy in the universe, there are a lots of you and me next to us. The problem is where do you concentrate the “sound” of the gravity. Because sound makes you aware of your existence you are a forever talking monkey, even during sleep. If your inner voice would stop for one second you would disappear and become visible at many places at once. Because a substance does not have an advanced center of procesing the sound of the body, it can only be changed under deep observational experiments by high observers like us. But humans can control all the nature through their brains.

   Use your imagination, close your eyes and visualize the universe as being the graphic of a music program. A song is played on the graphic and a line start moving from left to right to describe the relative sound of the melody. Our background sound of the universe is not actually the remaining explosion of the big-bang, it is the constant “beam” of sound that is scanning the 3D space for live action. Because of that sound we have the illusion of animation, but in reality we’re no more than sounds filling empty bodies. The universe is a 3D song composed by the infinite itself. The song is played at the speed of light. So it is beautiful to know that a song can become “aware” of the fact that’s just a song…

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