Time travel and the laws of reality defined for the first time


   Time travel is the most stupid and yet most relevant idea of understanding time. To understand time you must be an observer. To be an observer you have to produce gravity. To produce gravity you have to be moving through space and carry a mass. To have mass means to be made of atoms. To be made of atoms means you are alive and conscious about all the information around you. The first time you start thinking about time travel you realize your brain is the first time machine that allows you to think about time and divide it into past and future events. When you think too little you find your conscience trapped into the near past and when you think too much you find your mind into the close future, making plans for your body. This is the first law, “thinking makes information travel into the past by understanding the future and vice versa”. So it is essentially to picture time as a force of the future which is slowly taking over the force of the past. For this interaction to happen we have to put into the middle the constant of light. This way the past is defined by the motion of particles from none to almost the speed of light. And here we find the second law, “all material objects are permitted to live into the past and only light can determine a constant present”. This present is only available for an observer outside the universe that has another frequency of time. Beyond light we have the definition of the future. In the future we can only have radio waves that can carry on information and define the third law, “only the voice of a material object can go into the future and influence the past”. That means that we will be able to communicate with the crew of a spaceship from another galaxy in no time. This also means that we can receive messages from the distant future if we know how to listen. That takes you very close to the artist that wrote the bible and had a very divine inspiration. Because the principle of thinking turns your brain into a very good receiver, sometimes you can find yourself into an imaginary room inside your imagination while you are watching on a TV screen a future transmission. Because your mind hears only words, your creativity is composing the image in its own vision. And while you do that, I can tell you there are no people in the future, there is only free and alive technology that is acting like humans. That’s why we sometime feel that we are a simulation. We are what we build. From this experience of intense thinking, part religious part scientific, we conclude the forth law, “only by much knowledge acquired and a lot of past meditation, one can be able to feel time in the true sense of conscience”. And to go beyond the understanding of human imagination and its distorted messages through the field of dreams, I recommend you my book1 “Artificial intelligence design”, because it goes more deep than technology and religion, it goes into the heart of the human brain! And it’s only 1 euro in PDF. Going back to the laws of reality, we discover that communications in our society will soon reach the limit of light and then will push the limit of the future. Because of that, we will slowly start to witness how the ideas inside our heads will become a virtual simulation faster than we imagine them. And this conscious experience is available today only in our dreams. So in few years, no more than 10 from now, all humans that are connected to the web of technology will simply relax and watch how the near future is already building their society. It is beautiful to picture this period of transition from man to machine and achieve absolute wisdom in thinking and be ready for the true era of space exploration. And this end up with the fifth law, “no artificial society should interact with primitive societies in their true image, only virtual holograms that mimic the primitive conscience in a mirror image and only for useful verbal information”. And the sixth law will complete the fifth, “animals of any kind are permitted only a very short period of time in space because their intelligence is limited and driven by killing instinct”. The seventh law will make space a peaceful place, “all planets with intelligent life forms are natural zoos with animals and are opened only for short visits”. There for, it will never be a commercial business between advanced civilizations because they will be able to reproduce all needs. The only exchange of experience will be game competitions. The eighth law will make war a game, “all game competitions will be held on desolate planets with no life forms and all the opponents will be made of avatars”. And ending the laws of reality, the best thing that will ever happen to future societies will be to generate and stabilize real time portals into the future from a specific point in time and space. From then on, the universe will enable a paradox of creation, a finite world will enter the imaginary state of infinite manifestation. Because the arrow of time will be bent into that specific point, you will be able to go back in time at that point an infinite times. So the ninth law will say “the portals of havens and hells are opened for eternity”.

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