Impossible simulation design

   As we imagined previously, we created an idea almost to the edge of material time. And this comes with an extra paradox. Instead of things freezing out and defining a material and physical barrier, matter seems to break out into a straight line that is arranged into geometrical forms. This line is the “circuit” that seems to compress time into a different level of manifestation that goes beyond this universes capabilities of motion and it gives us a picture of a continuous analysis of a “freezing” 3d image. So if our universe is a projection on someone’s table, that entity has all the data that is generated every “fraction” of “light time” (because we have to assume time defines a limit of reality) and decide which one of the possible fate to choose for us and our world. That makes you feel odd because this is the idea that today is pushing the technology of 3D games. So to have a good theory of everything, first of all you need to have a good understanding and description of time, because time is the key of opening the door to infinity. As I already said, time is a sort of energy with a dual structure. Just like water has a dual molecular structure, one universal and another chaotic, time can also manifest randomly in different geometrical universes, but it also have inside of it a “root” that link all realities by one constant and eternal. And I analyze time through the water perspective because I believe that water is the nephew of dark matter which is the basic structure of space itself. Because time is linked to space, we have to assume that time has the same “DNA” as its family. So in a way, time is made of dark and light energy and space is made of dark and light matter. Very simple, right? And this is when you start having very sensitive memories in time, when you feel an “energetic hand” touching your brain and you start having visions of the past. Time is never lost, it is recorded in our heads and released into the infinite. It is hard to picture this idea, but when you shift side and die, your light property of space-time is no more, but there is the “dark” property of space-time that is still active. The energy that builds a time through space simulation inside your memory is the only thing left to play with. So it is not space who requires time, it is time who requires space. Particles smash in and generate space because time is an active force. The big-bang was coming from another dimension, from an engine of time. The base sound of the big-bang is the “worm hole” of infinite time that “say” what to do next. That sound is so complex that it holds all the sounds produced by all the objects in this universe, so the more complex technology we will have, the more information we will extract from this “voice”. It is true, because religion is ancient science and science is just ancient creation, and in the beginning “God” started with sound. Time is sound, energy is vibration and the infinite is real. This whole world is just a tiny “brain” simulation. Is where voice is released into packages of information to describe meaning. That is what is going on also inside your brain. The brain is a similar design that describes the pattern of creation. All the neurons inside your neo-cortex are irritated by the voice of your knowledge and in some portions it releases the vibration into “balls” of virtual images. In conclusion, beyond our “freezing” image there is action! Today scientists are trying to understand why is hot water freezing faster than cooler water. This is an “ancient” effect of time still kept alive in the image of water. The faster the motion it is, the slower the image of time goes by.  And not at least, the hotter the universe is, the more “static” it looks from outside. And it show us that our universe is cooling down because it is moving faster. The beauty of reality will be reach only when things will be at the speed of light. But that my friends, it is a “paid” story from a future book.

   As a mind blowing idea and out of the box image, black holes are not as we picture today. First of all, particles inside atoms are pushed together so close until they annihilate and the atoms disappear, leaving behind pure dark matter with high pressure because of the gravity force. Second, gravity waves of the forming dark star go beyond the speed of light, making their pattern a constant energy beam that remains a forever geometrical shape. That mean a real look at a dark star would be like a freezing picture. The only thing that will appear moving will be the event horizon. Third, you won’t be able to approach a dark star because as a human being you will be falling to sleep before you reach the event horizon. The view of space in terms of time is possible through gravity. To be an observer you need to produce gravity. So if we will ever become more than humans and explore space, we will be standing on that event horizon and watch a static dark sphere drifting into space with suns dancing around. Imagine gravity as a water wave, but instead of water we have dark matter. This is a wave of space which is creating the motion of matter. First it rejects you until it catches you and then is taking you towards the middle of the ocean. So a dark star is not rotating around its axe, but it is attracted by another one in space. They are like pillars of mass that animate the substance of space.

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