Quantum Design (reality is a project of design)


   As a quantum particle would say “you are real and alive because all the particles in the universe are thinking about you and talking about your future actions”, your faith is decided before you can think and act. What is actually a black hole and why is it a singularity? It is quantum engineer and design, it is the heart of the universal engine that drives time and space. Think this way, the universe is like the pulse of a heart. You have the line of infinite which is pulsating up and down. The crazy idea is that everything is designed with a purpose, so it is true the concept of a multiverse, but every universe is built on top of each other to enable advance in creation. So if we find ourselves inside a universe of matter, it means that we come from another universe of anti-matter and we advance to another universe also made of anti-matter and so on, we end up in another full of matter. The line of infinite energy generates a multiverse of sounds with one side of matter and another of antimatter. The mind blowing idea is that the consciousness of infinity is defined by the universe that is active, our world, letting us understand that all the parallel realities that can be possible remains only a “project of design”. So you can picture the image but you can only make plans for the next universe. It is a sound tunnel that you can’t escape, just like the DNA sequence. So turning back to black holes, well, dark matter is a dispersed ancient black hole. So the idea of having billions of dark stars is the process that produces more space (more mass). But to understand better the creation of space (pure mass) we will need to redesign a little the previous idea of the atoms. The atom is the GOD DESIGN of space and matter. In fact the atom does not shield inside it 99.9% a volume of dark matter, but in fact is acting like a wind turbine. Imagine that in the quantum world we have dark matter acting like air. When it reaches an atom it makes it spin and generates energy that spread out like a small and short signal of gravity. And when we make out the big picture of a star, we understand that its gravitational wave that is defined by its mass, is made up by small portions of vibration from every atom inside. And this force of gravity becomes so strong that is creating an electromagnetic field around the star that is shielding up the amount of dark matter contained until it becomes a dark star. So you have pressure added to mass and making the dark matter more dense. After the dark star loses its electromagnetic field, mass is released into space, adding more mass to the web of dark matter and curving more the space-time reality. So a black hole is a star with no atoms inside, only dark matter at a pressure that is squeezing all particles and sub-particles into pure space. The atom is a high speed energy beam packed into a geometric design that is able to slow down energy by converting it into solid objects and setting a constant of motion to the light speed. This way you can have a sequence of events that can be viewed through different perspectives and generate a relative existence. If the universe was not relative we could not have a perspective of view on reality because all the events would be constant and at the same time, with no purpose of motion or evolution. So in a way, we discover that quantum gravity is designing the mass, and mass describe the wave of attraction. And because we have different types of atom design, we have different mass of objects.

   Infinity is pure design, the instant architecture of a dream.

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