Quantum Mechanics (the more science we create, the more imaginary we become)


   The problem with Dark Matter at the quantum level is… that is the only thing real and visible. Everything else is just invisible energy, radiation waves. The whole scientific technology that is observing subatomic particles is creating an illusion of specific “points” of solid objects, because technology is made of atoms too. So you use photons to light up portions of the waves. Matter can observe matter until it becomes something else. And that something else is not matter, is a “phone line”, a universal link of transporting the sounds. So you use a little imagination and enter the wonder land of “communication”. Here you find atoms speaking to atoms through particles charged positive and negative. You find communities of atoms creating substances, just like our countries, then creating solid objects, just like our planet and our civilization. Because atoms speak through light, time is moving so slow and information travel so fast, that you could almost say time is falling in another dimension. Being many places at almost the same time, is just like your voice making noise in 3-4 cell phones around the planet when having a business conference. In the quantum world, few seconds delay of our perception of time means almost nothing. So, next time you hear scientists say “we trace a particle in many places at the same time” it means that they are “calling” the “quantum number” of that particle and they establish a “conversation” with the “worker of GOD”. Yes, that’s correct, because the scientific translation of GOD is REALITY. In other words, the wave of that specific particle is irritated at some specific areas and light is showing us it is there. Another exercise of imagination is this: you are in a dark room, because dark matter is “space with no time”, and in this room you have a wire that is vibrating and emitting a sound, letting you know that it is there; you set on fire 3 matches (photons) and drop them at the same time on 3 points of the wire, and when the wire starts to burn, you notice that it is present in 3 points at the same time in 3D space. Well it is incorrect to say at exactly the same time, because perfection doesn’t exist and time is behaving relative, although this behavior of time is an artificial effect and time is constant and infinite when you describe it as perfection, the sequence of infinite. And now becomes so easy and clear to our child mind that it is very normal for particles to know almost instant what other particles from another galaxy are doing. And of course they are behaving all as one, because we are behaving all as one through our society. And we end up with a beautiful idea that matter is solid and reality creates intelligent observers just to imagine how everything works and to wake up from this reality with another reality. It is true, knowing everything makes you the holder of the future vision. You then can become the director of all life in this universe. And that’s just the principle of your thinking and planning, the main wheel that is driving your imagination to picture what you decide to do with the available tools and options. So nothing is impossible to understand, only that we need better connections in our processors for the information to be more active. As long as you can see something it holds no secrets from you.

   Now raising the mind and vision from the quantum level to everyday reality, dark matter becomes invisible and heavy. The million dollar question today is “how can we measure this exotic matter?” Today we know dark matter is everywhere we look but it does not react to photons. So is very simple, we need a new technology. Ordinary matter is made of electromagnetic fields, made up by positive and negative charges. On the contrary, some people say there should exist something with a neutral charge, the monopole magnet. That’s the million dollar answer! dark matter holds the key to the invention of monopole magnets. I don’t know physics but the technology to discover the “particle” of dark matter should be with some powerful magnets. And we will not find exactly a particle, because the whole web of dark matter is a huge particle, we will just have to shield a piece of it inside a sphere. But this technology will be understood just after CERN will give the first results on how atoms form. Well we already know they are made of 99.9% dark matter, but they have particles inside. And to shield up something dark you need light. A Shield of photons will be needed to isolate permanently a quantity of dark matter that can be used then to build a shiny monopole magnet. The idea is that dark matter is in fact the anti-photon. Unlike matter and anti-matter, photons and anti-photons don’t annihilate, they live together to determine the space-time substance. Oh damn, and I came very close to time this time…

   Remember that continuous attention is conscious nest! Stay connected or fall into dreams! Well, scientifically speaking ,you should not be afraid of death, because the universe is a place so strange, that even pure death is kept alive, and you know what I am talking about, dark planets. And we will save them for the next post.

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