Dream Science

   Very soon scientist will discover that through a series of devices which record thoughts and activate wireless control, computers will be able to record all the brain frequencies that build up your active conscience. By converting some of those signals into 3D images on a screen, the subject can interact with a virtual world. But the hidden science in this field is that all the data package that is released from the brain in the air, is actually a 3D “dream” animation that is produced by your consciousness. And when you concentrate on a “game image” your imagination is creating a hologram that mimic the real thing. That’s why when you try to concentrate on a specific thought, you actually pay attention to the image rather than words. But before we go deep into the structure of mind and awareness, let’s define conscience. There is a big debate on how our mind is able to generate active self aware from some active electric fields. First of all, you have a voice working on 2 frequencies, the inner voice and the outer voice. Second, you have an image going on 2 stages, the imagining field and the real field. Third, the main 5 senses generate an active feeling of emotion. When you attach the sound of feeling to the sound of image through the exchange of information between the outer and the inner voice, you create “alive image”. So basically, consciousness is structured in image with sound. So that’s why you have two types of conscience, one interior and one exterior. And we end up asking what makes the image of imagination and the image of reality act like is controlled by some intelligence. That’s very simple, complex speech. And details about this connection you can find in my book1 and I will not go here in details, but I will say that in the same way we interact with virtual programs now, outer conscience interact with inner conscience. So the whole device that is building your conscience is no more than a processing of 3D images with sound. Ending with the beginning, not very far from now, maybe 2013-2014, computers will be able to record and play virtual images of your intelligence, because intelligence is about building an imaginary space. That’s why there is nothing so special about dreams, dreams are the state of thinking about thoughts. The only divine feeling is that you find your inner conscience trapped into a virtual world with endless possibilities.

   The problem with sleep and REM is about speech and memory scan. It is a little hard to understand, but you are “talking” with yourself the whole night. The idea of dreams is that you become only a hibernating mind. And here we find the secret of thinking, the subconscious voice which is defining the personality. If during day time you develop only long and logic schemes of thinking, your subconscious learn to produce more logic dreams, but if you talk about all sort of stuff that has no connection and you change the subject very quick, your dreams will be running wild. You have dreams with no logic because you put into perspective too many objects and the brain is making too many calculations with them. Actually dreams are combining portions of the dialogue and therefore you generate unconscious, during day and night, in some brain areas, a program similar to 3ds Max. During day time the image is very weak, to balance the outer conscience, which is analyzing the reality, but at night, the program runs at full speed and doubles the activity of the brain through blood pressure. So, all the science and technology around the world is a reverse engineering of the human body. The beauty of “beyond 2012” will be that we will discover all the possibilities through which you can build up “smart beings” and we will realize how small is the man in this complex equation.

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