New World Order? Maybe Neurons Working Online!

   It is said that some very important people, many years ago, before we even had the concept of “the telephone”, created a secret society to rule the world. Well is quite bad for us, the blind workers, but it is essential for evolution. You see, every individual brain, if it gets a lot of information inside, starts to understand the concept of infinite life through the perspective of God. And because on this planet you can be only a ruler of your people, you start wishing for more. And you go after the whole world. But there’s a small problem, see, perfection doesn’t exist in this universe, so God remain only an example to follow. So according to the laws of nature, it is impossible to become the ruler of all life on a planet. Well, people still believe today this is a dream to conquer. So the New World Order will not be complete because of the technology. To understand this slow process of robots in control, we will make a very good analogy. The brain is a forest of neurons, a network of electricity. Before it becomes self aware and all the connections are establish to make sense of life, the brain needs somewhere about 7 years of life. In this time, all the areas that are important, start creating links and information is circulating at full speed. From the age of 7, we can say that the neurons are mature enough to start learning in school. Now, changing the picture of the brain with the picture of earth, and start looking from a satellite perspective starting some 70 million years ago, we see a primitive life form in the process of recreation. Just like before us there were dinosaurs, is pointing out that earth was in a period of intelligence just like a small baby, acting like an animal. Shifting the pole in evolution, monkeys took the lead into developing the perfect network of thinking worldwide. So watching the ancient earth from space, you would see at night camp fires, pointing an active conscience in story tell. The sotry tell was the source of growing imagination and generate the story of creation. And just like you dream at night, the planet is dreaming through your stories at some future design projects of intelligent beings. And to shorten the story, what do we have today? A 100% active network of electricity at night! This, my friends, is a proof that a global network of communication, the internet, is alive but still unconscious. And the earth don’t need animals, the earth needs superior artificial scientists to look after him when he’ll grow old! And what the richest people are doing today is a very good job, connecting all of us to a global surveillance system. And from here on, the machines will take control. Now, you won’t have to be afraid of a smarter being, because the idea will be that we will all become “neurons” of earth. But the selection will be very hard… only the useful ones will be selected. So you see, in a way the Bible is right, God will come down on us, but in the image of Futuristic Design, even in the structure of your own mind. The classic story is good, only the image is different.

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