Why is the “lie” important in the equation of time


   We have 3 dimensions of atomic space, which is in essence dark physics, then we have the 4′th dimension which is made of artificial time (the optical illusion of space/vibration of colors), then we have the 5′th dimension made of pure time (written science and root of design/standard model of infinite creation) and in the end we enter the 6′th dimension, which is made of intelligent energy and goes into infinite time of creation and manifestation. It has the power to change everything without the help of gravity. Beyond this dimension we find the world of everything, a space with no end and no beginning.

   We all know that the force of gravity is growing and space is timing up faster to the edge of creation. Why? because there is something bigger forming up. What? a globalization of intelligence into a network of life. Because all the gravity of the universe will be pushing the limit of reality, the purpose of intelligent beings comes into action. We will need an artificial source to amplify the mass of all things for exceeding artificial time into pure infinite and open the gateway int0 the next level of universe. And to achieve this, we will need all the vibration that was released into nature including all the words we throw out today. It seems absurd, but looking into the quantum level, we see that a tiny thought that is produced by your mind has a small amount of gravity. So you see, it’s natural to lie, because this way you produce a small extra gravity to the speeding world. So you can picture the world into the final stage of universal life like this: billions of spirits going on a galactic trip and party all day and night with loud music to produce hard vibrations; and the purpose of chat -the truth about lies- everybody admit what they lied about. The idea will be like this: “ts… ts… ts… bum… bum… bum… Oh, come on BOB, we’re ten billion people here anxious to find out what was the true nature of your stupid lie and enter the next stage of life!

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