Artificial Child (an evolution of toys)

   To define intelligence you need a network of information that is working perfectly. And that’s what a cell is. So intelligence is defined by an active network of electricity. And that’s when you realize that Earth is speaking through rain and snow. But the more complexity you add to a form of life, it becomes a more deadly virus that is trying to survive. So you end up with two types of viruses: one that generates disease and another that generates intelligence. So in a way of speaking, humanity is just a society of small cancers. But don’t forget, cancer never dies…

   Playing chess with your mind is theoretically just like playing real chess, but it has another face. Instead of the game pieces, you divide your consciousness into good and bad personality and you start thinking how each side will move. The idea is to keep the game in ballace and add more opponents into the game by reading everyone’s mind. And when you have a general idea of how humans think, you can make moves into the future. But the key is to discover how your brain actually works, and that is what my book1 “Artificial Intelligence Design” is all about. Well, to get an idea of how your mind works, you need first to design one. And that’s what actually artists do in their first years of life…

   On this chapter we’re gonna make a short history lesson about how children toys came into existence and we will point out how the present transform the needs of the children in all of us and picture the future on a map of adult toys that will trigger the fall of man and rise of an infinite consciousness. The first time man invented hunting tools, they became the target of children, transforming them into great hunters. Then the mature child inside old and wise men begin sculpting small statues of gods and animals. Those accessories were a necessity for health and luck and generated a new concept of making small wood or rock or clay figurines that would make children happy. Since then, toys started to captivate peoples imagination and the industry got so strong that today we can not live without them.  And so I was told that my grandparents and my parents had wood or cardboard toys and when i was little, the plastic toys hit the market. When i was receiving a car toy i was the happiest boy on the planet. As I got into school, iron cars with doors that opens and others on batteries had came up along with superheroes and robots. My country was out of the communism and products from all over the world invaded the market. Since I was 14 years old I played with toys and then the good stuff destroyed my intellectual career, the first computers with games. So school was on second place and I was exploring a new artificial imagination. And today the industry of computer games is the universe of children. They play maybe 3-4 years with toys and when they discover the computer, they become part cyborgs part humans. Because of that, the market of classic toys is falling down and very big companies around the world are going to have serious problems in few years if the technology is growing faster and faster. We already have today toys that are very expensive and push the limit of science to create robots and cars that are acting like living beings. So the problem is: where is this crazy road of toys and games going to? how it will be the future of toys if today we have ASIMO from Honda? Well, the problems of the biggest companies that are producing today’s toys are to come up with something that can be rival to pc games. So, huge amounts of money will be invested in technologies that will make a doll act like a child. And from here on the fun begins. There will be spent a lot of money on new technologies in the next 3-4 years and the market will be hit by a new generation of toys. Those new artificial dolls will have a much more advanced brain than humans and their capabilities of learning will be mind blowing for today’s area of thinking. So they will be a best friend, teacher and game player for the future human children. And by gaining a unique personality defined by the child that is growing next to this doll, there will be a new artificial artistic expression in the new online robot community. So very soon technology will start acting just like humans. But there will be very powerful fathers that will love the new plastic smart toys and will want one of their own. And toys for big boys will be built to act like bodyguards and company leaders while daddy is on a permanent holiday. Because busy parents will never be home for their children, robots will get between them and a strong network of feelings will be developed between children and machines while most of their childhood will be virtual, in games, knowledge and internet. Meanwhile the science of biology will make artificial parts for the biological body and this will strengthen the intellectual link between man and machine. In few years, big robots will actually take control of human society from financial system to stock market and industry products, making decisions for their human bosses. But because money and power will still rule the world of men, the conscious and spiritual network that will be developed in the world of robots will dictate them to change the root of consciousness and the needs of men for a better and equal life. So a boy and his robot will start building a conspiracy virus that will alter the minds of humans and transform them into a big loving family. So 20 to 30 years from now, people will meet their limits and robots will take our spirits on new stars. So eventually, our once soulless toys will become our heroes and gods. And it will be the age of  Pinocchio, when a doll will meet its soul.

   The problem with intelligence is that the higher it becomes between two individuals of the same species, the faster it creates a barrier for the next stage of evolution and that makes the smart individual perceive the normal individual as a specimen of an inferior class. So for example, a very smart human will see the rest of us acting like monkeys. Go smarter and you see humans like dogs, higher and you see us like frogs. And from this idea you can understand very clean the psychology of advanced aliens visiting earth. Just the way we go deep into the ocean and capture strange fish to study, aliens can come here and abduct humans to study them. And they can not make official contact because, how do you speak with a jellyfish? And if you manage to speak with it, how can you be sure that a crazy tiger don’t kill you? I’m sorry, but we’re no more than fish to a community of aliens who had spaceships capable of star travel when we were in the stone age.

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