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Suppose you can take one cubic centimeter of a BH and try to quantify it. Then, how can you tell the difference between mass and density if there’s no quarks and no atoms to sustain the relative mass? Assuming ST constantly collapses towards an inner (unsolved) horizon. The usual relative stuff.

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cm^2 is 99,9% irrefutable

Sunday thought experiment: In gravitational model objects fall independently from mass. In dark matter model objects gains gravity independently from mass?

Dark matter and energy-mass relation keeps the same inverse relation according to mc2|cm2 pair equation where cm2 is only 99,9% valid and defines dark matter equation which completes general relativity.

Also the theoretical extra curvature of sun according to dark matter equation remains a constant of 0,000007% which becomes a property of gravitational spin not a property of mass

Old theory

A new idea makes me rethink today all the facts regarding dark matter theory mc2|cm2 inverse force relation

In gravitational model objects fall independently from mass. In dark matter model objects gain extra mass independently from mass?

If so, mass is not important in dark matter model. Speed and angular spin is. If so dark matter is not only inversely related to mass-energy and proportional to force (speed or spin velocity) but dark matter becomes now a new momentum theory which relates extra mass not to higgs energy but only to object inertial frame of reference or physical motion in relation to a vacuum. Dark matter becomes a pivotal extra force between general relativity and quantum dynamics. Gravitational effects relates then not only to inner quantum mechanics but also to outer relative mechanics.

Old theory

Today my personal idea of dark matter just got simpler and beautiful according to mc2|cm2 relation. While mass remains a constant like in the free fall experiment, dark matter only relates to speed or spin velocity. So

If general relativity fits the model of dark matter according to mc2|cm2 relation, then dark matter model relates only to speed or spin velocity in relation to c while mass remains a constant. If so, our sun should produce an extra 0,000007% relative gravitational distortion according to dark matter. Also all physical objects should produce dark matter proportional to speed or spin velocity.

I also approximate that from the overall volume of 27% (observable dark matter) 1-2% is produced by matter while the rest of 26-25% is associated directly to back hole density in the universe. Dark matter density should also relate to absolute spacetime density or black hole mass which should be 99,9% square Higgs energy. Dark matter could prove that mass, unlike energy, can’t square perfectly. Mass it’s an imperfection model.

Can you help me verify these measurements?


Old theory

I personaly believe today that gravitational density is heavier than vacuum density. I also think that it’s inevitably to think that according to dark matter model a mass-gravity equivalence relates specifically to a Higgs-vacuum relation where gravity arises in the form of how much energy the Higgs field gives away when submerged inside vacuum density. And all other physical forces should relate directly to vacuum density using Archimedes flotation principle. I believe spacetime translates as relative density.

Old theory

Look. General relativity reads Gravity stands alone, mass relates directly to energy. General relativity also reads dark matter as more mass more Gravity related independently (inversely) to mass-energy source. For me this simple information is enough saying mass-Gravity equivalence specifically related to dark matter. Dark matter therefore reads the relative mass-energy equation in reverse in relation to c constant.

Then there’s the photoelectric timeline. The photoelectric time line reads c^2 from mc^2 equation as a mechanical electric/magnetic spin limit which brakes electromagnetism into quantum entanglements. Such theory is directly related to energy that was before the Big Bang glow and proposes a mathematical c^2n equation which can measure how much energy was before the Big Bang depending on quantum entsnglements speed. I think mc^2/cm^2(99,9%valid) explains spacetime as a complete simple and elegant theory.

Old theory

Ok. I personally think that the cm^2 equation it’s not actually a physical field equation like in a classical view. It’s more like a general quantum perspective i think. So it’s more like 99,9% a physical equation. You can write it down on paper and then erase it a little bit. I also think this is the main rational reason why it’s at the same time so hard to observe in physical nature and so impossible to explain in fixed physical field equations. It’s like something that doesn’t really exists. It’s like a shadow schrodinger cat equation. Could easily say it’s a mirror effect (virtual-energy reflection (the vacuum general effect))

This is a full tweeter personal note of my imagination game (principle) running at biomechanics rest state always in physical nature. Yes I think the human brain is also part of a physical force field subdivision (quantum) in relative nature describing only rest state forces (Newtonian and Archimedes type)

If general relativity lurks all over the spacetime physical experience with special relativity on top (constant spacetime peak being reached at c^2 electric/magnetic spin point) then you can’t trick me (my special special observer case) with tiny quantum effects-reflexes (velocity short range reflexes in flexible (elastic) spacetime) which only appears to brake the general and special relative case using quantum back doors (Bohr jumps). Quantum then becomes only a special case observer type which is the whole curving effect in relative spacetime (ranging from individual Planck to 99,9%c-Planck) that constantly brakes into quantum apparently faster then light physical effects. And they should be only effects (spacetime shadow curvature). Quantum theory, I think, it’s a general effect force (inertia or momentum theory) only. It’s the general spacetime effect which says that you’re not able to observe all quantum spacetime moving at the same time due to restricted light observatory (constant closing-opening physical geometry) “all seeing eye” effects which I personally imagine describing the physics eye of the universe. It’s like the universe can’t see it’s whole mirror reflection. And it must do things “blindly”. Like a quantum intuition. Yea I guess that’s far enough imagining the strong relation of a human mind with gravity and all other physical forces.

OK. People, look, you have been left with a relative-special theory (unfinished business) that has been written (imprinted) in collective knowledge with gravity standing outside the mass-energy (strong-weak-e.m. relation). So the only way to resolve the energy/mass equation (mathematical ratio) and fully unify gravity with everything else, I think that “first” you have to integrate?, somehow, gravity, into “some” physical form (shape) of mass (density type fluid) and energy (Higgs-vacuum special decay). Higgs can explain you everything I think. It should be the general-special Higgs boson type, the main (elastic source) description of spacetime elasticity itself. So it should be an “elastic” physical boson particle type (meaning holder of strong force including its variation property) which can vary “extremely” across light speed in general spacetime and be able to decay not only into pure energy but it can also be able to contract (hold) mass into (via) gravity and vice versa (more mass more gravity results in both cases), using a physical inverse relation in spacetime (negative energy-acceleration I think) which can only happen under extreme pressure points in physical relative-special spacetime given a certain fact that negative energy should mechanically work using the inverse principle of thermodynamics which is based only on lower gas symmetry accumulation starting with vacuum energy and ending with dark energy and also with time physical partially independent force. It also means that at quantum-relative small-big scales of spacetime, general spacetime reads vacuum energy as general negative energy including the antimatter that followed soon after the Big Bang “glow”.

So. I think it’s highly important to consider a medium quantum chance that mass and gravity could form a classical direct mass-gravity relation in such way that gravity would constantly make physical objects appear heavier in relation to a vacuum. And I say mostly appear because the faster you go in any physical direction, the more gravitational force you’re able to directly convert-invert into physical mass, resuming you produce more mass therefore you generate more (extra) gravity in relation to a vacuum at constant rest state, meaning that the sensitivity of such mass-gravity direct inverse relation should be constantly mediated by dark matter measurements in relative spacetime. The mass-gravity direct inverse relation should be so sensitive that even independently speeding particles inside a vacuum which carries mass could be eventually converted into black-hole-particle type bosons by accelerating them even closer to c speed where dark matter energy is proportional to the overall mass-gravity volume of energy. The more you turn gravity into mass, the more heavy the speeding particle is and the more gravitational force it produced in relation to a vacuum and vice versa. So dark matter should always be there, orbiting your regular physical gravitational field. No matter what you do to mass-energy relation, gravity and dark matter stays inside the equation and therefore is always present in physical spacetime even before physical mass ever existed. It’s the physical starting point. You could argue that the Big Bang is allowed to manifest only after the physical existence of gravity and dark matter using only vacuum energy to consolidate the idea.

I think the case with physical negative energy is that it constantly runs at 99,9% twice more volume than positive energy (general relativity) meaning that the overall ratio of gravity-mass-energy is almost a perfect overall 1:2 mathematical ratio which I personally believe to be the math theory equation in spacetime also written in relative spacetime as cm^2(99,9% physical truth). You eventually have mass on one side of the equation and you have almost square mass (99,9%c accuracy) on the other side of the equation, resuming the other side of the equation is a spacetime singularity or most commonly depicted as black hole event horizon in relative spacetime. So the idea is that black holes are the strongest relative objects which can form and therefore hold true negative energy against itself (negative field energy). Black holes can fight the vacuum best by using the highest physical negative force available in relative spacetime in the form of dark matter relativistic effect or extra gravity and mass. Hidden mass in hidden dimensions of hidden spacetime hidden within the relative singularity frames which composes a black hole event. And now I feel my personal imagination going more easy on me. It’s great to feel the freedom of imagination even if gravity sometimes appears to violate the curvature in spacetime itself.

Oldd theory

A new approach to an equivalence-nonequivalence relation

before considering any mass-gravity direct relation (physical interactive pressure) in general spacetime you have to consider first that mass-gravity relation looks more like an imperfect equivalence event in relative spacetime which is actually a nonequivalence principle (variable relative equation parameter)

so I think you’re missing the 99,9%m^2 (99,9% of all spacetime energy aria-volume) mass-gravitation nonequivalence validating a divergent 99,9%c spinning black hole “singularity” horizon and I think you’re missing it by a Planck-weak diameter

mass-gravity nonequivalence? almost square mass? 99,9% of all spacetime energy inertia? gravity only adds more mass in relation to a vacuum (more or less black hole mechanics) because gravity should be directly related to spacetime density so physical objects should only get heavier in relation to a vacuum when you measure their gravitational force due to quantum uncertainty events. A relative-quantum object should weigh gravity or “counter mass” depending on how you observe the relative-quantum object (you measure quantum or relative, touch-nontouch)

and I believe this is pretty much my final idea on mass-gravity nonequivalence (spacetime singularity event horizon) principle

Think that eventually a black hole (singularity horizon) don’t emit regular relative energy like all stars do but instead it emits physical density (more mass) in relative spacetime in the form of dark matter (more gravity)

Old theory

cm^2? 99,9%(valid) square Higgs energy? divergent spinning black hole horizon?

cm^2? (99,9% valid) 99,9%m^2 mass-gravity equivalence? you’re missing the unification point by a Planck-weak length

Say you take 99,9% from energy-mass equivalence to quantify a special mass-gravity 99,9%m^2 equivalence using 99,9%c inertia. You gain a 99,9%c spinning black hole divergent horizon weighing 99,9% square (newtonian force) Higgs energy inside a vacuum. You obtain 49,9% more gravitational force (dark matter)

you’re missing the 99,9%m^2 (from 99,9%cm) mass-gravitation equivalence validating a divergent 99,9%c spinning black hole horizon (99,9% square higgs inertia)

first you take all energy in spacetime and obtain a general energy-mass equivalence principle; then you take a specific 99,9% of all energy in spacetime and obtain a gravity-mass equivalence of 99,9%m^2 (99,9% newtonian force) to describe black hole mechanics (spacetime singularity); a spacetime singularity describes mass-gravity equivalence (99,9% energy-mass equivalence)

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Quantum Newtonian “free fall”?

Quantum Newtonian “free fall”?

3 selective thought experiments in favor to final rational thought:

1. A helium balloon trapped inside a speeding vehicle

2. A man falling free inside an elevator

3. Odd 5 quantum math: say vacuum gas has “free fall choice” inversely related to its density and, say you have odd 5 denser balls. Which way they “fall”?

By subtracting the “momentum follower definition” from first two thought experiments I have concluded third key question.

To achieve quantum gravity (linear efficiency) gravitational force must be applied in the first place to a speeding photon inside a vacuum. A vacuum gas qualifies then best to preserve such “free light fall event” in all directions of spacetime in relation to photon energy. Light speed inside a vacuum becomes then the preserved “free fall event” itself. Gravitational force is transferred to a lower gas density property (only momentum follower). The curvature of spacetime and its associate particles measures inefficient (extra) energy and gets erased. Therefore quantum gravity diverge into zero spacetime curvature plus mass-gravity equivalence (cm^2). Force radiates inverse lower density (Higgs-vacuum) gas resuming mass constantly converts into gravity and vice versa at 99,Planck% the speed of light inside a vacuum according to Newton’s inverse square law. A divergent black hole event horizon converts energy into mass and not mass into energy (99,9% square newtonian force inside a vacuum). A black hole should only radiate Planck energy and amplify almost twice Higgs energy inside a vacuum. The mass-gravitation equation for black hole density emission inside a vacuum becomes cm^2 (99,9% valid). A black hole should radiate like gravity (Planck radiation), a black hole’s volume should weigh 99,9% square Higgs density and 0,1% gravitational wavelength, and a black hole should be invisible to any physical observation like gravity. And that’s my idea on quantum gravity. And apparently you have missed the backdoor variable square mass equation.

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The photoelectric time line?

The photoelectric time line?

Well, technically speaking, “c^2″ from mc^2 equation is allowed both ways: as physical energy emission and twice light speed spatial reference. But when you do travel twice the speed of light (energy at constant rest), electromagnetism brakes apart in mono valence. And that’s quantum entanglement. You get one specific electric spin separated by light speed from one specific magnetic spin. So time stops definitely at c^2. And I don’t think traveling back in time is an efficient solution. Time is like a lower density gas, it follows one arrow only and it builds thermodynamics.

To stay at mechanical work, an electromagnetic field particle carrier must carry a minimum angular momentum composed of one electric spin and one magnetic spin. It’s an up or down general quantum spin orientation in spacetime which drives, I think, all quantum mechanics. Therefore the photon “tell stories” starts up always with a general up or down spin in point A and ends up opposite in point B. AB related to light speed.

When relative spacetime stops, at light speed, electromagnetic momentum gets locked up under a minimum electromechanical shift between two distinct up-down spins (two general conductive “spin” channels), in quantum nature, one electric, one magnetic, both vectors of inverse Newtonian quantum gravitation.

Minimum quanta electromagnetic momentum can only be canceled if a photon is inversely related to a virtual particle vector, achieving virtual speed equal to c^2 inside a vacuum. If virtual spacetime has half electromagnetic momentum then an electric spin becomes completely isolated from its magnetic counterpart spin at twice the speed of light in all spatial references, proposing that quantum entanglement is a monovalent force in relation to electromagnetism. There’s one electric light speed length and one magnetic light speed length which defines electromagnetic geometry braking. Quantum telemetry points out that quantum entanglement becomes actually the limit of quantum and relative spacetime at c^2. When the spin property of a particle is teleported via monovalent lengths the spin property can’t travel more than twice the speed of light inside a vacuum. Therefore the speed of quantum entanglements becomes the absolute relation between one electric spin and one magnetic spin in spacetime.

At the end of spacetime, human imagination always finds the same rational outcome when visualizing light speed mechanics: to obtain a mechanical functional engine denoted as spacetime, space must gain one definite spin and time must gain the opposite spin.

So if you ask why a photoelectric time line? it’s after all a “spin” preserved property or choice. And, eventually, according to light speed mechanics, a photon has a minimum angular momentum of one up spin and one down spin per light speed. If quantum telemetry works at twice the speed of light delivering a constant time limit relation between one electric spin and one magnetic spin, then quantum telemetry “principle” must emit two special (distinct) energy beams, one using an electric frequency only and one using a magnetic frequency only.

Beyond quantum telemetry I don’t think you apply anything more. I think it’s like, I catch one glove at c^2 as I travel twice the speed of light inside a vacuum and then I look into a mirror back in time at past light speed to amplify the glove’s mirror effect (energy). And everything ends there, with a special c^2 glove.

No further smaller geometry I think. Well I actually think there’s a virtual filled made of virtual gluons which binds the 3 virtual particles into a minimum momentum engine which sustains a vacuum strong bond (combustion). But that’s only my personal idea. Anyways, I think the photoelectric time line completes photonics momentum with virtual mechanics. You preserve entangled monovalent momentum, you preserve bivalent spin, you see up spin wave / down spin particle, or vice versa, you see zero (minimum) time mechanics measuring one angular electric/magnetic spin (up/down). You see further away in spacetime.

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Talking time travel science?

When talking time travel science?

What do people talk about when they get really really smart? Yes, they talk actual time travel science. Believe it or not. The science of that scientific “looove”, the “love” of knowing everything about anything that could unfold eternal strings. And how do you scientifically control that stuff? You cut infinity down to its minimum centrifugal pieces and reevaluate its missing parts. The ones which constantly ads you minimum mental drag. And you say that if you’re spinning the mechanical clock of time a little faster, then you’re ready to jump deep into that time travel science, so deep and so hard that you’ll actually be ahead your newtonian self act (choice). But that’s just artistic talk.

So, when you do actually think rational about time travel science, before you start discussing it, you need to think that time might not be only a lonely river which flows in relation to infinite outcomes, time is physical, like space, they correlate, and time must share electromagnetic stimulation like its space counterpart. Time also must share free fall events, like gravitational space, strong and weak force quality like space does. And therefore time becomes a complex quantum “wave” science by now, relating constantly to particles of space. The particle and wave relation goes like space and time travel. And if time has electric and magnetic poles, then if you spin or diverge any new time river in spacetime and try back time travel, the general time wave or time vector river will react through magnetism (according to you time energy or time spiraling) and shift all its past-future poles in relation to your actual time traveling event. Therefore all future spin jumps into past choices and all past spin jumps into future choices. And therefore your divergent independent time vector river is constantly facing forward time even if it spins towards the past. You simply make it a much more experienced time spiral. So you can’t physically travel into the past because your physical past jumps into your actual future, and you can only travel closer to the constant future of light. And suddenly time travel science becomes a physical quantum state of interfering waves and interfering particles where waves relates directly to light speed inside a vacuum, therefore the waves providing future energy for past particles.

Eventually the time travel effect does spin my rational thought a lot as it turns out there’s only one quantum outcome in physical nature: if the particle has up spin it’s wave counterpart has down spin and if the particle has down spin it’s wave counterpart has up spin. Always. And when you measure the particle, because you always have to measure it, the measurement produces angular momentum giving you the past side effect or previous spin in quantum spacetime. In quantum science, up spin also means space and down spin also means time or vice versa

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Particle physics agreement bet

Particle physics agreement bet: I bet 100 bucks a graviton, a dark matter particle, or any other particle associate to gravitational force doesn’t exist in particle physics. I’m serious on this manner and I’m willing to make a bet list and wait for CERN results and for dark matter experimental results

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When Leonard Susskind meets the lovely daughter of the great great Brian Greene in an alternative universe to awake the almighty black hole war once again with Stephen hawking which now says there’s no dark matter, there’s no quantum gravity, and information can be lost forever inside a black hole because a black hole has a constant chaos tension point which defines the singularity event :)

When Leonard Susskind meets the lovely daughter of the great great Brian Greene in an alternative universe to awake the almighty black hole war once again with Stephen hawking which now says there’s no dark matter, there’s no quantum gravity, and information can be lost forever inside a black hole because a black hole has a constant chaos tension point which defines the singularity event :)

Due to our last imaginary alien meeting there have been reported signals of alien contact between all parallel dimensions that a multiverse can hold at one definite spin. Some say there’s already invisible aliens living among us. All we know is, big Higgs event could turn science upside down! And it’s only a minimum crazy tweeter event!

Say you have infinite power, and say you take that infinite power and throw it into a black hole. Now, do you think you can beat any theory of black holes if infinity becomes your access point? Think twice before judging any new black hole theory. You never know which one is right and which one is wrong

And the meeting begins:

Stephen: hello

Her: hello

Leonard: hello

Lawrence: hello

Leonard: let me reconsider what I’m facing this time. First of all, you say a black hole has a constant chaos point. What’s that?

Her: if a vacuum fluctuation can appear spontaneously out of nowhere, then a vacuum fluctuation should also be allowed to disappear completely and spontaneously into nowhere. It’s a common energy balance theory which has only equal random outcomes (probabilities) if it’s strictly related to a vacuum random fluctuating field

Leonard: Lawrence, what’s your solution to such idea?

Lawrence: I think there’s no solution to such idea because it gives you random mathematical balance, whatever that means. Even Michio Kaku believes there’s a free universe for everybody with half negative energy and half positive. As far as I can think, even random math could form symmetric outcomes, even if the chances are one in a billion billion billion billion

Stephen: i think Pi, general relativity and special relativity allows infinite new outcomes in between light speed and running close to light speed. It allows a Zeno paradox of infinite sub-divisible sets. I also think the potential lost volume of information inside a black hole should measure a ratio between a black hole spin and light speed and it should always have a random outcome out of a 3 edged dice: it could gain, loose, or preserve its volume of information constantly according to a random Zeno ratio. Therefore a black hole event horizon becomes unpredictable in relation to light speed as light speed is unpredictable in relation to the vacuum of spacetime, and I believe a black hole should emit 3 special beams of energy in random order. The weakest beam signals memory preservation and symmetric energy emission (preserved horizon), the strongest beam signals loos of information (mirror event) in favor to external sources always (smaller event horizon), and there’s a third event which signals spacetime instant collapse (including only the event horizon). You can call the third one a gravitational abyss, a singularity event, or a constant chaos point happening on the surface of a black hole similar to sun spots appearing on the surface of all stars. It’s also a physical event which applies to all stars not only to black holes. Therefore the more directly you relate your energy measurement or energy transfer to a vacuum field the more likely your random collapse is about to happen and vice versa

Leonard: sounds fair to me. Let’s go on. You say dark matter don’t exist, quantum gravity don’t exist, and time can travel at least once per light speed in quantum mechanics therefore time becoming a fully functional mechanical clock which has a mechanical Planck-weak tick and a Bohr circumference event always synchronized to quantum entanglements

Her: yea, something like that

Leonard: that’s madness

Hawking: it’s not madness, it’s a chaos tension point :)

Lawrence: don’t tell me I have a chaos tension point inside my body which is indirectly related to the vacuum at least through the Higgs field

Her: we all do, it’s a minimum outcome which applies to all theories in spacetime including a photon. Memory preservation it’s not a perfect theory, eventually, because you’re always constrained to play dice with light speed and light speed is always constrained to play dice with random vacuum energy. My father can calculate the mathematical chance that a photon can have to meet its antiparticle and simply disappear from the vacuum of spacetime for no reason. It’s the same quantum math you apply to calculate the chance that you’ll be teleported on another planet for no classical reason. It’s only random math after all. Right?

Leonard: that certainly puts me in my quantum mood right now

Lawrence: yeah. I feel quantum too

Her: agree

Stephen: I only agree if nothing is allowed to eat information :)

Leonard: hold on old friend, I’m still hooked up to my old theories, I won’t give up that easy on you this time

Her: fair enough

Stephen: then I have to explain to you quantum gravity

Lawrence: nobody knows quantum gravity

Her: maybe it doesn’t exist

Leonard: and what’s holding spacetime if not quantum gravity?

Stephen: how about a billion billion billion billion quantum entanglements?

Lawrence: yeah, that’s only two dimensional mechanics. And an interesting glove theory

Leonard: and how do you explain quantum entanglements?

Stephen: I only need to use light speed and your personal vector

Leonard: and how is that?

Stephen: let her explain, it’s her idea

Her: you have to agree that whenever you measure quantum forces, gravity is always weaker in relation to their geometries (energy) and therefore gravity becomes a disconnected or shielded event in quantum nature, therefore quantum gravity can’t evade and overtake any piece of quantum mechanics. Never. Imagine that gravity becomes a rock which you hold in your hand and you hold it so good it can never escape. Therefore you have two outcomes when you think of quantum gravity: there’s a lot of vacuum spacetime in between electromagnetic constructs and there’s also quantum entanglements which proposes only two dimensional energy implying quantum entanglements is weaker than vacuum energy and works only with your personal vector plus the speed of light. When you measure a particle spin using quantum entanglements it’s like pushing your hand in two dimensional space. Once you push in one given direction, you inevitably know the opposite hand push or opposite spatial reference.

Leonard: then how do you explain general relativity?

Her: there’s no such thing as spacetime curvature in quantum mechanics. That’s only a relative effect. Gravity, as described by quantum mechanics, becomes a general lower density gas profile similar to vacuum energy and two dimensional energy. Also vacuum energy and two dimensional energy must come in equal pairs for no random reason. This also means quantum entanglement becomes adjustable to gravitational density using vacuum energy only. The more gravitational orientation a measured region of spacetime has the longer that region can transfer two dimensional push using gravitational drag. Also gravitational drag must be a momentum engine designed using only your personal vector and light speed. Because disconnected gravity contained within electromagnetic, strong and weak fields share the same momentum with the Higgs field similar to a helium balloon trapped inside a speeding vehicle, and because also vacuum energy and two dimensional energy share symmetric lower density property in spacetime, then general relativity describe a symmetric event between all quantum lower density gases. That’s the general curvature of spacetime. But it’s a lower density property. That’s all there is

Leonard: ok. No quantum gravity you say. Only symmetric lower density gases

Stephen: that’s a cool thought experiment

Lawrence: yes it is

Leonard: ok then. Why is there no dark matter?

Her: I prefer Stephen hawking telling you that part

Stephen: thank you my dear. My dear friends, Leonard and Lawrence, and Peter Higgs also, if the Higgs field transfers its energy directly to the vacuum of spacetime, then the vacuum of spacetime becomes infinitely dense in relation to the Higgs field. And the universe collapses on itself. So the vacuum has to learn to measure itself in the first place, before measuring everything else which arises from its random fluctuations. So you create a black hole (engine) event which transfers its density directly to vacuum energy and then you create the Higgs field momentum engine which transfers its energy directly to the density of a black hole. Because physical mass is directly related to a black hole event, then general relativity is also directly related to the energy of a black hole, therefore a black hole produces more gravity than you can measure in spacetime according to Higgs energy alone. Dark matter is gravitational distortion related directly to vacuum energy. Sounds simple and logic. Right?

Leonard: you sound convincing my friend. But let me tell you this. Let me think more, do more calculations, and then decide if I agree with you or not

Her: fair enough

Leonard: now tell me more about time running at light speed

Stephen: Lawrence can explain you that. He’s already working on a theory of light emitting wave ratio frequencies proportional to all physical forces

Leonard: then let’s wait for Lawrence to finish his work and then we’ll talk more

Her: fair enough

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Could light speed be a volume/aria or aria/radius ratio (depth) of spacetime? Could Pi represent perfect harmony in spacetime geometry? Could all 4 fundamental forces of the universe be emitted at light speed in the form of 4 distinct color pattern? Could a light wave oscillate constantly between 4 main color events?

Could light speed be a volume/aria or aria/radius ratio (depth) of spacetime? Could Pi represent perfect harmony in spacetime geometry? Could all 4 fundamental forces of the universe be emitted at light speed in the form of 4 distinct color pattern? Could a light wave oscillate constantly between 4 main color events?

If a photon can hold a Pi ratio between its energy and its momentum, then relativity holds electromagnetism on a wave ratio which can hold a wave ratio between electromagnetic force and strong force, which can hold a wave ratio between strong force and weak force, which finally holds a wave ratio between weak force and the vacuum, and then, at this specific rate, or ratio, spacetime continuum gains one permanent spin or unique orientation in spacetime per second, revealing also the direction of the universe in spacetime, resulting time and space could be actually constrained, according to a light wave constant ratio, to travel at light speed only in one dimension (definite location), like a single quantum vector or like multiple isolated quantum vectors forming Bohr rings or disconnected physical dimensions, implying that a quantum vector has a source of light in its head or on its ring which emits one energy beam (laser beam) per second regardless of the circumference of the Bohr ring, pointing out one permanent future orientation (roulette winning number) in spacetime at physical rest and resuming that the second arrow of time is always an isolated quantum vector or an atomic vectorial circumference. This also implies that 3 dimensions of space have only one constant or stable dimension in time while 3 dimensions of time have only one constant dimension in space, therefore light speed is the only thing which unifies space mechanics with time mechanics, resuming impossible math of impossible multiverses as we occupy the only time wave in town. And that’s a Bohr town. And there’s no other constant time wave. We’re the only true town. A town full of Schrödinger’s cats holding only relative gloves in their mouth. And the quantum cat never speaks, it only makes the final decision concerning Newton’s cat before Newton’s cat can make any decision concerning Schrödinger’s cat. And a Schrödinger cat points always towards a future bigger dimension in spacetime or it points towards quantum mechanics.

Waiting for feedback

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When sir Lawrence Krauss meets the lovely daughter of the great great Brian Greene in an alternative universe and both travel on a distant alien world to force the highly intelligent aliens to giveaway their unified field theory

When sir Lawrence Krauss meets the lovely daughter of the great great Brian Greene in an alternative universe and both travel on a distant alien world to force the highly intelligent aliens to giveaway their unified field theory:

The story transcends spacetime as it turns out the highly intelligent aliens could manipulate quantum theory at free will and had a functional time machine device like some mobile teleporting quantum beam and both subjects are instantly teleported in a quiet dark place on the alien planet where they can have a great great chat with the alien leading scientific community. And everything goes beautifully and according to their plans as Lawrence Krauss explains later in a parallel universe.

Lawrence: let me do all the talking. I know exactly what to ask

Her: fair enough, but be advised, they are old friends of mine and they know almost everything about spacetime

Aliens: then please ask

Lawrence: ok then. Why are you hiding from us?

Aliens: we’re not hiding from you. However, you are allowed to see us if you can guess our physical appearance

Lawrence: does she know your face?

Aliens: yes, she’s our favorite earth child

Lawrence: then let’s strictly relate our mature speech to highly important scientific questions which concerns humanity

Aliens: you have a theory of nothing

Lawrence: I smile now. I can see your smile too

Aliens: :)

Lawrence: how did you know that?

Aliens: we have a brain reading machine next door, we can read your brain Lawrence

Lawrence: ok. So you know everything I’m going to ask and I can’t see your face unless I guess who you are

Aliens: yes. It’s going to be really fun

Lawrence: if you say so. Ok. Why do we see probability waves everywhere we look in quantum nature rather than definite particles? Why is nature so different at its smallest dimensions of spacetime?

Aliens: apparently quantum nature has its own free will, its own system of choice independent from your Newtonian reality. And that bothers you a lot. Apparently quantum nature is allowed to make a free faster choice in spacetime, past and future, before you’re allowed to make a Newtonian measurement in relative spacetime and it’s doing so by using a higher wave profile, a theory quality not present inside your Newtonian frame of reference but substituted with general relativity. Because a quantum free choice comes only in the form of wave behavior and because a wave is also a small spacetime vibration or distortion, then quantum waves and gravity shares similar control profiles.

Lawrence: and how do I control quantum waves?

Aliens: obviously there’s more spacetime distortion inside a vacuum than general relativity can predict alone. So not only gravity produces its distinct distortion pattern, but also electromagnetism shares a distinct one, and also strong and weak force does that. So apparently you have twice more spacetime distortion inside a vacuum than you can measure with the Higgs field. You should also consider the fact that a quantum wave creates more optical illusion than gravitational tides

Lawrence: you have to be more specific than that

Aliens: well, professor, because you’re such a nice guy and we like you a lot, we’ve decided to give you the whole visual perspective of a unified field theory but you have to promise us you’ll write down the equations for that imaginary experience

Lawrence: that’s a fair trade

Aliens: to answer you shortly, you know relativity, you know the longest beat rate of time, but you haven’t discover yet its shortest beat rate. That’s the second arrow of time also denoted as the shortest relative time limit in spacetime. It’s a minimum elastic property of time if you consider time a physical vector. You can also call it quantum time. You can use such idea to work all the equations of the quantum field in one piece using only the speed of light

Lawrence: I love such simple idea, tell me more of it

Aliens: You know time can be slowed down or accelerated according to gravitational force and you know time can’t reach light speed. But you don’t know what quantum time is. You don’t know it’s sequence and you don’t know how to measure it. But you can predict that the shortest relative time limit in spacetime is a direct energy exchange in between all 4 fundamental forces of the universe using a constant time speed. So quantum time becomes a constant quantum jump or energy transfer event starting with relativity, then jumping directly to electromagnetism, then jumping to strong force, then jumping to weak force, and eventually decaying into nothing, which is your theory. Going forward and backward in time gives you free access to modify the entire structure of spacetime at free will if you gain access to both time arrows. Because gravity can’t influence time dynamics in quantum equations, then time becomes an inverse light speed event in relation to all quantum forces. If in relative nature space overtakes time, then in quantum nature time overtakes space as it turns out time can move freely at light speed while space events freezes in spacetime. So quantum choices are made in time before they are measured in space. That’s the mirror effect or inverse relation which holds a mirror special field of quantum mechanics. If time is elastic in general relativity, then time becomes a constant in quantum mechanics. In quantum mechanics time runs only at light speed. That’s also the discrepancy between the two arrows of time which holds the architecture on which spatial dimensions arises. Therefore quantum waves are tricky stuff because they’re the fastest closing and opening events in spacetime. They collapse faster in time than they collapse in space. You also have to consider that weak force is the minimum resort of memory preservation in spacetime. And there’s a special case of weak force which tells that if weak force is the last field to hold information about relative spacetime, I mean like after it it’s only old Planck, then weak force should not only be stable, but it must also share a given quality of elasticity to hold all incoming quantum waves. So when the waving or vibrating state of spacetime advances towards the minimum closing and opening event which is the weak force, the weak force has to push information back and forward in time and rearrange puzzle waves into particles, particles into atoms, and atoms into relative nature and so on. And so you observe here professor how minimum time elasticity at physical rest behaves. It holds the entire act of quantum mechanics under a minimum relative stress limit equivalent to light speed. Also you have to take in account a mirror optical closing event of spacetime which happens according to an inverse Hubble effect related to vacuum dimension. This way, when you see waves, you actually see the particle’s informational package dispersed according to Hubble inverse law in spacetime. That’s some sort of loop magnification effect or spacetime dilation directly related to weak, strong, and electromagnetic elasticity. So it’s a gravitational event directly related to spacetime closing dimensions and inversely related to spacetime openings. There’s no direct connection between quantum gravity and spacetime density as it turns out quantum gravity magnifies spacetime while keeping its density constant. And you should also consider the fact that a wave behavior of any particle can only store information about the past time of the particle or the future time of the particle because the particle itself defines always the absolute and true present momentum. Therefore a particle and its associated wave can exist both at the same time in spacetime while behaving as one entity. And that brings quantum experiments to a contradictory event. The beauty of one looking at relative nature is that one is allowed to see with naked eyes even the smallest dimensions of waving spacetime. When you think of time, think that time runs relative but it also does quantum jumps, therefore time has one complete mechanical revolution per spin or light speed. So you could say you have one quantum time beat (send and received signal) per second. Also you should consider true that if a second arrow of time do really exist in nature, then when you look back at the Big Bang event then you should also be allowed to see further back in time before the universe existed and maybe study the vacuum fluctuation or vacuum expansion that predates the universe. So now, professor, as we have described you the minimum law of relative time, we ask of you that next time you start counting time events using minimum Planck Olympics try to imagine that time has also a minimum constant passage through all 4 fundamental laws of nature in order to become a full functional relative observer and finally a light speed champion. And you stop relative spacetime only with one condition, and that is to make free quantum time jumps

Lawrence: well, that’s interesting. That’s more than interesting. You leave me speechless

Her: I told you professor, they really know many things

Lawrence: yes you did, and not even Brian Greene saw it coming. Ok, one last question: what happens when you have infinite mass and you get closer and closer to light speed?

Aliens: you mean like when you’re a black hole?

Lawrence: yes

Aliens: in such case minimum time elasticity also apply. There’s a quantum time line in between traveling close to light speed and the speed of light which overturns time on itself to make it a complete functional mechanism. Light speed also means touching the elastic property of weak force which allows you to see time from behind or before it happens in physical nature. And if time is a complete mechanical device then time runs like a mechanical clock. Time has a mechanical tick synchronized between a Planck field and a weak field

Lawrence: so I encounter twice this minimum elasticity of relative time. I observe it first when I measure quantum fields in nature and I also observe it when I travel close to light speed

Aliens: yes. It’s a physical elastic limit of relative motion in spacetime which separates quantum dynamics from Newtonian mechanics and it’s also a general quantum mechanical framework on which general relativity is implemented in spacetime

Lawrence: that’s interesting

Aliens: well, dear professor, we can’t be sure how your parallel reality works, but it’s how our reality imagines us

And so the story tells eventually that sir Lawrence Krauss made it back on earth to study a new minimum momentum theory, a theory which could eventually describe beautifully all quantum and relative motion in perfect harmony and probably give us more time energy than he can ever imagine. Some say he’s done it already, all we know is, big Higgs event is here and it’s getting even bigger!


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A Newtonian unified field equation? Who can calculate it?

The inverse square unified Newtonian effect in spacetime?

If there is an inverse square geometrical relation between all geometries (energies) of the universe, then why should photons not benefit of such inverse square relation? And the only inverse square relation that a photon could have inside a vacuum is with virtual particles. According to such Newtonian inverse square relation in any relative frame of reference, then the speed of the vacuum becomes the fastest constant speed of the universe but which is of unstable nature. So we have light speed, which is stable, and we have virtual speed, which is unstable. This also means that the random mathematical sequence of the vacuum speed could also apply in theory to a photon because now the photon is constantly related to random particles across spacetime and there could be a small mathematical chance inside the equation of the photon for the photon to meet its antiself and decay instantly, disappear, due to weak mathematical chances which originates within the mechanical fabric of a theoretic multiverse. Apparently then we use multiverse mathematical force to propel our universe. I call that a unified field event. Right? Therefore when energy preservation theory meets infinite mathematics theory, the outcome is that nothing is a certain fact or act of nature, not even a photon.

Awaiting feedback

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